16 July 2019

ATEO – Improved Range of Speakers

The ATEO range has also been expanded with the addition of 16 Ohm versions of the ATEO4 and ATEO6. These “D” versions of the ATEO design wall speakers offer an even more cost-effective solution for small installations where a 100V system is undesirable or not required.


The 16 Ohm speakers offer a simple solution for small retail and residential applications, allowing up to 4 speakers to be connected in parallel to a single amplifier channel. By removing the 100V transformer form the “D” versions, you get the same build quality and listening experience for which AUDAC is known at an even lower price.

The ultra-compact ATEO2 completes the range with a loudspeaker that is small enough to be unobtrusively hidden in almost any environment. The ATEO2 is available in both standard 8 Ohm version and 16 Ohm “D” version

A number of new mounting accessories are also now available for the ATEO range including CMA ceiling mount cluster brackets for either 2 or 4 ATEO4 or ATEO6 and WMA incline bracket available for all ATEO speakers which add an extra 30° angle to the already existing incline angle of ATEO speakers. The WMA brackets allow ATEO speakers to be mounted on a ceiling or tight in corners and aimed appropriate at the audience area.

The expanded range of ATEO speakers and accessories gives integrators a complete set of tools for audio installations in bars, restaurants, retail environments, commercial and industrial premises.