2 July 2021

AUDAC Release New 2-way Speaker System – ARES5A

AUDAC has released the ARES5A speaker system, a 2-way stereo speaker consisting of both an active and passive unit to be linked with each other.

The all new 2-way system offers an easy and flexible solution for a wide variety of applications, including; bars, restaurants, conference rooms, leisure centres and more and is constructed out of high quality components resulting in a 5 1/4″ woofer and a 1/2″ high frequency tweeter.

A star feature of the new ARES5A is its compatibility with the unreleased WP2xx universal wall panels (expected availability Q3 2021). With a combination of microphone, line and Bluetooth connections, the wall panels offer quick and easy integration of stereo line-level audio sources, balanced microphones and Bluetooth enabled devices. Available in either Black or White, and featuring an elegant ABS front panel with glass, the WP2xx makes it possible to transfer high-quality audio over long distances by using only twisted-pair CAT5e or better cabling.

An integrated amplifier within the ARES5A can deliver a power of 2 x 40W and includes a stereo line input which is implemented balanced and unbalanced, allowing convenient connection to any kind of audio source. Unbalanced audio sources are connected through a 3.5mm jack connector, while balanced audio sources can be connected to the terminal block input connection allowing long signal runs without interference.

A specially designed bracket system allows close to the wall installation of the speakers, while the recessed bracket structure guarantees an optimal cosmetic outlook of the system. The ARES5A can be mounted both horizontally and vertically with an inclination up to 45° on both sides, enabling to position the loudspeaker in the right direction. Due to the bracket itself consisting of 2 45° corners, installation in corners or even on ceilings can easily be achieved. The optional MBK455 angled mounting bracket set allows for an extra inclination of 90° when needed.

On the rear of the speaker is a volume potentiometer allowing the user to adjust the volume levels, while the two-band tone control allows equalisation of treble and bass. An auto-standby switch is accessible on the back of speaker for reducing power consumption when no input signal is detected. The remote input connection implemented through an RJ-45 connector allows wall panel connections, allowing expansion of the system through remote input modules.