AUDAC ATEO 100V Wall Speaker Indoor Outdoor

17 June 2024

AUDAC ATEO M – Redefining Effortless

After a decade of sonic excellence, the ATEO series has now redefined ‘effortless’, setting new industry standards for indoor and outdoor applications.

The new ATEO M series is designed to perform in all weathers. The marine-grade, corrosion-resistant hardware and hydrophobic cloth behind aluminum grill bring an IP66 rating & 720h salt spray certification.

The new CleverMount+ mounting system coupled with tool-less WAGO terminals make installation quicker and easier.

Renowned Belgian pro audio manufacturer, AUDAC, takes another giant leap in innovation with the unveiling of the ATEOxM series. Building upon the success of the ATEO loudspeaker series, the latest product update introduces all-weather resistance for outdoor use, making these speakers an unparalleled choice for fixed install in- and outdoor applications.


The ATEOxM series is meticulously crafted to cater to a wide range of environments, from modern residential spaces to high-end designer applications in retail stores, pubs, restaurants, and clubs. One of the standout features is the CleverMount+™ mounting technology, seamlessly integrating the speaker cabinet with the mounting bracket for an elegant and hassle-free installation. The separate bracket base ensures a secure and reliable setup.

Designed to withstand the elements, the ATEOxM series boasts an IP66 rating, thanks to an optimized loudspeaker design featuring an aluminum grill with a hydrophobic mesh. The ABS housing is not only weather-resistant but also resistant to salt spray and UV, making these loudspeakers durable in various challenging conditions.

Installer convenience reaches new heights with official WAGO connectors included for high-quality and reliable electrical installations. The WAGO spring cage terminals eliminate the need for additional tools, streamlining the installation process and ensuring a professional finish.

For ultimate flexibility, the ATEOxM series features an integrated external power tap selector hidden on the rear, allowing easy and quick access to tweak loudspeaker settings post-installation. This innovation reflects AUDAC’s commitment to providing superior sound solutions with installer-friendly features.

With its impressive sound quality, impeccable design, and now, all-weather resistance, the ATEOxM series stands as a testament to AUDAC’s dedication to pushing the boundaries of audio technology.