4 August 2021

AUDAC Release Professional 3-Way Soundbar

The IMEO2 Soundbar features a slim and elegant design and includes all required functions for expansion of any audiovisual system with an impressive sound, while having a minimal hassle for installation. It’s perfectly suited for applications such as classrooms, presentation rooms or meeting rooms, where it can be used alongside screens, smartboards and projectors.

The acoustics originate from a 3-way speaker construction, composed of two 1.5″ high frequency drivers, two 2″ mid frequency drivers and a low frequency section with two 2.5″ low frequency drivers. The Class-D amplifier with integrated WaveSelect DSP processing and transmission line configuration for the low-frequency drivers, offers a crystal clear sound reproduction with stunning response. Selectable DSP presets offer optimisation for applications such as presentations, music playback or videos.

Various input possibilities are available on the IMEO2 such as an unbalanced line input, HDMI (ARC) input or SPDIF allow compatibility with a variation of input source, while an integrated 4.2 Bluetooth receiver allows wireless connections with devices. Custom Bluetooth IDs can be assigned to IMEO’s in a large deployment i.e. in hotels, conference rooms and schools. A USB interface enables the playback or storage of media and voice files.

Quick side controls on the device allows input selection and volume control. These same tactile buttons permit to lock both input and volume, which again is useful in hotel and education environments.

The auto standby function ensures that the IMEO is automatically put in energy-saving mode. This way, no unnecessary energy is lost, while the IMEO remains ready to play at any moment.