8 April 2021

AUDAC MFA – All-In-One Audio Solution

AUDAC have released the brand new MFA2xx multi-functional amplifiers. This new all-in-one audio solution from AUDAC is the perfect solution for small to medium sized installations that needs the functionality of a comprehensive audio system but does not want to spend fortunes on hardware.

By featuring compatibility with AUDAC Touch™ 2 and an integrated SourceCon™ input slot in the amplifier, there’s a lot of groundbreaking technology in this surprisingly small amplifier. The MFA series is available in output powers of 80 or 160 Watts making it flexible for numerous applications.

The MFA features a line out connection, creating the possibility for scaling the output power to meet both small- and large-scale project requirements. Create one large zone or add a second stereo zone using your line out, where individual input and volume control can be controlled through the front panel, TCP/IP or AUDAC Touch™ 2.

Equipped with the already proven WaveDynamics™ audio processing technology, the most advanced acoustic configurations can be set-up and controlled with ease via the AUDAC WaveDynamics™ configurator. The MFA comes with the same user-friendly interface as the SMA, SMQ, PMQ & XMP series were commended. It enables you to do enhanced settings on the front of the amplifier through a 2.8” graphical display or to import configuration files from a USB.

But not only the controllability of the amplifier is what makes these new amplifiers special. Besides RS232 & RS485 connection, the MFA also allows for an optional Dante™ expansion. Allowing the installation of a Dante™ network interface, giving the device the ability to receive and send low latency, high quality audio over a standard Ethernet network with ease.

When designing the MFA, a wide range of input options were also included. It features a balanced Mic / Line input through a 3-Pin terminal block. The unbalanced stereo line input allow connection of any type of line level audio source while a SourceCon™ module slot makes it possible to integrate streaming services like Spotify or Soundtrack Your Brand, (internet)radio & other audio player modules directly into the MFA amplifier.

On the outside, the MFA features a slim and sleek design in a compact table top mountable enclosure. With the optional 19” installation brackets it’s also possible to install the MFA in 1HE high, half 19” rack space.