14 October 2021

AUDAC’s Most Powerful Amplifier Yet

AUDAC’s most powerful amplifier yet, the SMQ1250 is a quad-channel power amplifier providing a new standard for affordable audio amplification in both fixed and mobile audio installations.

The most powerful of the SMQ series to date (350W, 500W and 750W versions are also available), the SMQ1250 boasts advanced features that provide enormous flexibility for numerous applications.

The WaveDynamics DSP processor, in combination with the 2.5″ LCD display, gives an unmatched user experience with intuitive functions overview for easy configuration. Acoustics can be optimised using Butterworth, Bessel and Linkwitz-Riley filters with selectable roll-off which can be configured as Low / High & Band Pass and the 7-Band equaliser which has adjustable frequencies and Q-factor.

Other provided functions are delay and dynamic bass boost. These settings can be custom configured using the front panel of the amplifier, whereby access can be given on two different levels (User & Administrator) using a password or USB-key protection.

Loudspeaker protection is provided by an output power limiter, whereby the maximum output power for every channel (in Watt) can be configured. Configuration is made simple with loudspeaker presets and full system configurations, which can be selected from a library and uploaded with a USB flash drive. This ensures the best acoustical performance with bullet-proof loudspeaker protection.

A great input flexibility and source compatibility is provided by the input selection matrix, in combination with the XLR and terminal block signal connections.

The outputs are made using Speaker and Terminal block connections. System integration is made easy using the RS-232 control port. An optional Dante interface is available for the WaveDynamics amplifiers. The installation of this network interface allows receiving and sending of low latency, high-quality audio over a standard Ethernet network.