Aurora TAVIS

16 November 2020

Aurora Multimedia TAVIS – Next Generation Body Temperature Scanning

Aurora Multimedia’s new TAVIS (Thermal Audio Visual Integrated Solution) platform is the first second-generation body temperature scanning solution.

The turnkey tablet form solution is available in 10″, 15″ and 21″ form factors whilst the TAV-BX1 box version allow integrators to turn any display in to an intelligent kiosk.

TAVIS TAV-BX1 adds TAVIS functionality to any screen 

One of the key features of TAVIS is the skin temperature scanning technology. The performance of this system is significantly superior to the first generation of temperature check tablets available from other manufacturers. The ability to scan two people simultaneously in under one second allows fast throughput when used as part of an access control system.

To improve accuracy, the AI engine used Canthus (Tear Duct) Eye Detection and take temperature measurements from this area that is closely correlated with core body temperature. Anti-spoofing technology prevents non-human objects from registering successful temperature scans.

TAVIS is not something that only has value in a pandemic:

“It’s not just this one-time purchase that’s going to waste away once the pandemic is over. This has value going forward if you take advantage of its capabilities. You can remove the [temperature] sensor and control an entire conference room with it. It’s a full-blown control system.”  Paul Harris, CEO, Aurora Multimedia

TAVIS can be your digital signage display, your AV control system, an integral part of your security system and so much more. The integrated ReAX control engine uses web standards like HTML5 and Javascript to present rich user interfaces including the standard TAVIS temperature sensing, questionnaire and signage screens. ReAX can, however be used to interface with and control nearly any system with a control protocol.

Key Hardware Features

  • 5x Resolution of other Tablet Brands – 80×64 Thermal Sensor
  • Most Accurate – Close Range Canthus (tear duct) Scanning
  • Fast Speed – Less than One Second with Two Person Scanning
  • Anti-Spoofing – Will Not Scan “Objects” only People
  • Touchless Questionnaires  – Answered by Head and Hand Gestures
  • Accessories Detection  –  Mask & Eye Glasses
  • Facial Recognition – Locally or Centralized
  • Advanced Digital Signage Options –  Age, Gender, etc. Identifiers
  • Adaptable – Landscape/Portrait Mounting & Available in Black or White

3 Year Warranty

All TAVIS hardware is backed by a best in class 3-year warranty.

TAVIS Central – Enterprise Class Management Server

TAVIS Central is the software solution that allows complete control and monitoring of all TAVIS devices on your network.

The software can be used to rapidly configure and deploy multiple units at the start of an installation project and push updates out to ensure the latest features are available on your devices.

TAVIS Central collects statistics including total number of temperature scans, passes and fails. This information is presented in a clear and easy to understand interface. Real time alerts are available as well as live camera feeds.

Key Software Features

  • Real-time monitoring of all TAVIS devices on a network
  • Statistics, alerts and reporting
  • User management – profiles and passwords
  • Camera stream recording
  • QR code generation
  • Firmware update management
  • Rapid deployment tool
  • Works with Linux, Windows and MacOS