Cannon Coaxials

The Cannons represent a set of distinctive high-fidelity loudspeakers that cover a comprehensive audio range. Available in various models, including C4, C5, C6, and C8, each of these models stands out for its ability to deliver impressive low frequencies, especially considering their compact size.

These coaxial loudspeakers are distinguished by their superb audio quality, with a pronounced and well-projected mid-range sound. Alongside their exceptional audio performance, the Cannons feature an elegant and substantial design that resembles studio monitors, even when operating at higher volume levels.

Contour Point Sources

The Contour functions as a point source with horn-loading, offering a precise 100° x 50° directional projection reaching down to 200 Hz. It possesses a bass capability down to 70 Hz. Operating as a medium to long-range point source, it retains its directional qualities even in distant listening areas. The speaker’s entire frontal area was crafted to effectively manage directivity.

Panorama Mono+Stereo

This loudspeaker is “one of a kind” and can be setup when two directional sound sources are introduced, incorporating Mono+Stereo Speaker Technology©️. The mono sound is enveloped by the spaciousness of the stereo sound.

This particular loudspeaker system stands out for its uniqueness, serving multiple functions including front-fill speaker, under-balcony fill, monitor, and adaptable for distributed audio setups.


Subwoofers are specialized loudspeakers designed to reproduce low-frequency audio frequencies. These range of subwoofers provide a balanced, immersive, and high-quality audio experience to any installation.

1 Sound subwoofer ranges from, wall-mount, steerable, compact and many more. These subwoofers are equipped with an IP55 rating, indicating their suitability for both indoor and outdoor use, as well as their resistance to salt water.

When combined with the Cannon range, some of these subwoofers consistently create a dynamic and vibrant atmosphere, fulfilling the desired energetic ambiance for any installation.

Tower Columns

The Tower columns exhibit a remarkable level of clarity and low-frequency extension, which is quite uncommon for a system of their compact size.

There are two series available for the towers:
>Cardioid Column Line Arrays
>Low Frequency Extension Column

Each LCC model features Clarity Technology©, a proprietary high frequency technology built upon coaxials with compression drivers. Combine this with cardioid cancellation, each speaker has a “musical,” coherent, 120° dispersion pattern.

The LF44 is designed to work alongside the Tower LCC44 and/or LCC84 as an enhancement for low-frequency extension.