Contour CT28

The Contour CT28 stands as a compact, 3-way passive loudspeaker capable of achieving a remarkable maximum SPL of 145 dB. Despite its powerful performance, this speaker retains an intimate quality when operating at lower volume levels. The Contour model brings together two 8″ low-frequency drivers and a coaxial 4″+2″ mid-high compression driver within a horn-loaded point source enclosure. This design results in a controlled coverage of 100°x50°, effective down to 200 Hz, while offering bass response extending to 70 Hz. The Contour CT28 serves as a medium-to-long throw point-source system, maintaining its precise directionality even in the distant listening areas.

Thanks to its compact size and the availability of adaptable accessories, this loudspeaker proves its utility across a range of installations, from small setups to larger venues and live production environments.

Contour CT212

The Contour CT212 represents a horn-loaded, 3-way passive loudspeaker with the capability to achieve an impressive maximum SPL of 145 dB. Despite its significant power, this speaker offers a full and compelling presence while also maintaining an intimate quality at lower volume levels. Encased within this horn-loaded point-source configuration are two 12″ low-frequency drivers and a coaxial mid-high compression driver. The latter employs a 4″ driver alongside a 2.5″ voice coil. The CT212 boasts a controlled dispersion pattern of 100°x50°, ensuring consistent directivity down to 200 Hz, and it provides bass response extending to 55 Hz.

Functioning as a long-throw point-source system, the CT212 maintains its precise directionality even at considerable distances. This loudspeaker finds utility in medium-to-large scale installations and live production audio setups. Diverse rigging options are at your disposal, including the versatile Contour Rigging System, compatible with both the CT212 and the CT28. Notably, the CT212 holds an IP55 rating for water and dust resistance, making it suitable for outdoor use. Additionally, it is resistant to salt water, and stainless steel 316 accessories are available to enhance its durability.