Panorama MS34

The Panorama MS34 represents a dual-channel loudspeaker system with a focal point sound projection. It offers listeners a monophonic audio experience encompassed by the expansive spatial dimension of stereo sound.

The technology employed involves the utilization of an M+S controller matrix, which takes in a traditional left/right stereo signal and segregates it into a monaural (center) element combined with lateral sides. Employing specific digital signal processing (DSP) presets, the MS34 then reproduces the central signal through its core coaxial transducer, while the side signals are produced by two adjacent full-range drivers. This configuration maintains the integrity of true monophonic sound while enveloping the listener within a multi-dimensional stereo audio environment.

Alternatively, with the manipulation of a switch located on the connection panel and by selecting different DSP presets, the MS34 can operate as an autonomous monophonic focal point loudspeaker. This mode offers an enhanced frequency response even when off-center and the potential for an additional 5 dB of sound pressure level (SPL).

Mono+Stereo Controller

The M+S Controller functions as an analog audio apparatus designed to take stereo (left/right) signals and generate an output in the form of mid+side (M/S) signals.

This active unit effectively balances the outputs, allowing for extended cable distances. It has the ability to deliver audio for two separate left/right mixes. The presence of the M+S controller is vital for enabling the MS34 to function in M+S mode, while its use in mono mode is not obligatory.