Compact Subwoofer

Two choices are available within the category of compact subwoofers:
>The SUB10 with a power rating of 600 watts.
>The SUB12 with a more powerful rating of 1200 watts.

SUB10 represents a passive reflex bass unit with exceptional performance, while the SUB12 stands as a high-powered, high-performance passive reflex bass unit. SUB10 incorporates a solitary 10″ low-frequency driver featuring a 2.5″ voice coil, whereas the SUB12 houses a single 12″ low-frequency driver equipped with a 4″ voice coil. An optional Sub Pole Cup accessory can be added to the SUB12 to facilitate the attachment of an Active Speaker Tube, supporting a satellite speaker.

Both the SUB10 and SUB12 offer an extended bass response, reaching down to 35Hz while maintaining minimal distortion. They boast a lightweight design and a compact footprint. Their enclosure includes two recessed NL4 connectors, allowing the sub to be placed flush against a wall. Suited for applications in restaurants, lounges, and even residential setups or portable systems, the SUB10 and SUB12 are well-suited for placement beneath or between banquettes.

Compact Floor Subwoofer

The FSUB45 stands out as an ultra-compact, slender, and remarkably lightweight subwoofer, boasting substantial power. It features four 5″ low-frequency drivers and a single 10″ passive radiator. This unique setup empowers the FSUB45 to deliver impressive bass reinforcement, achieving a maximum sound pressure level of 123dB. Despite its small size, the subwoofer maintains a remarkably compact form factor and a sleek appearance.

With a height of just 7.4″ (188mm), it comes equipped with low-profile rubber feet for placing on the floor. Notably, the design is entirely devoid of visible branding, ensuring it seamlessly integrates into any environment. FSUB45 is also compatible with any of the loudspeakers within the Cannon Series, making it possible to create a potent and discreetly installed audio system.

Wall Mounted Subwoofer

Three choices are available within the category of wall mounted subwoofers:

Wall-mounted subwoofers deliver substantial and potent bass reinforcement while maintaining an exceptionally compact footprint and a sleek appearance. These subwoofers are characterized by their ultra-compact, slim, and lightweight design, making them a perfect choice for installations where discretion is of utmost importance. The Wall Subs have a streamlined aesthetic which includes an integrated French cleat installation system, ensuring straightforward and secure wall mounting. The Wall Subs also come equipped with removable rubber feet for floor deployment, if required.

The MiniSUB5 features a single 5” low-frequency driver, allowing it to achieve a sound pressure level of up to 108 dB. Its bass extension reaches down to 36 Hz, and it’s equipped with four standard M6 rigging points. On the other hand, the WSUB45 and WSUB45i are furnished with four 5” low-frequency drivers and a single 10” passive radiator. This configuration enables them to produce a sound pressure level of up to 123 dB, with a bass extension down to 39 Hz. Moreover, the Subs boast twelve conventional M6 rigging points, expanding mounting options for surfaces, walls, or ceilings.

Both the MiniSUB5 and WSUB45i feature distinctive screw terminal connectors, simplifying and accelerating their installation to achieve a perfectly flush alignment against walls.

The Wall Subs can be seamlessly paired with any of the loudspeakers within the Cannon series, creating a formidable and unobtrusive installed audio system.

Steerable Subwoofer

Two choices are available within the category of steerable subwoofers:

The CSUB210 subwoofer incorporates a 10” woofer at the front, alongside another 10” woofer at the rear. In contrast, the CSUB610 subwoofer showcases a front configuration with three stacked 10″ woofers and a matching rear configuration.

These steerable subwoofers possess the capability to function in cardioid, subcardioid (endfire), and omnidirectional modes. Especially designed to be positioned either parallel or perpendicular to walls, and can even be deployed with a low-profile horizontal orientation. The bass enclosure of these subwoofers is structured to accommodate a recessed cup, allowing for the attachment of square-section Active Speaker Tubes. This setup facilitates the mounting of LCC44/84 units as satellite speakers.

Additional features of CSUB610:
>Bass enclosure offers the sound of a double 18″ subwoofer in omni mode
>Designed to accept proprietary Tower Rigging System plates for stacking multiple LCC44 columns directly on the cabinet.

SUB215 Twin Subwoofer

The SUB215 is a rapid-response, deep-bass subwoofer with the ability to achieve a maximum sound pressure level (SPL) of 140 dB. This cabinet is outfitted with two 15″ low-frequency drivers utilizing the latest tetracoil technology. While providing profound bass, this subwoofer also delivers a distinct and impactful upper bass range. When oriented vertically, the SUB215 cabinet measures just 17.7″ (450mm) in width, and when placed horizontally, it reaches a height of 17.7″.

The SUB215 is compatible with the pole cup accessory, allowing for the attachment of a CT28 full-range enclosure on top using a 1 SOUND Active Speaker Tube. Alternatively, it can be utilized to mount various other satellite speakers. Additionally, the subwoofer features rigging points, facilitating the connection of our specialized Tower Rigging System. This system enables coupling with the Tower LCC44 or LCC84 units at adjustable splay angles.

SUB310 Triple Subwoofer

The SUB310 stands as a compact, quick-reacting, and profoundly deep bass subwoofer, capable of reaching a maximum sound pressure level (SPL) of 137 dB. This subwoofer boasts three 10″ drivers utilizing tetracoil technology, a setup that can rival the sound and output of a single 18″ bass enclosure. Remarkably, this power is housed within a cabinet that measures only 11.5″ in width when vertically deployed or 11.5″ in height when horizontally positioned.

The SUB310 is designed with rigging points, enabling the stacking of Tower columns on top in a vertical arrangement. Additionally, it features a pole cup accessory that provides the flexibility to mount your preferred satellite speaker on its top surface.

SUB2112 - Bi-Amped Subwoofer

The SUB2112 represents a bi-amped 2-way subwoofer that excels in performance. It is proficient at delivering a robust and deep bass response that extends down to 25 Hz. Its upper bass range is characterized by being quick to respond, tightly controlled, and impressively loud. This subwoofer is constructed with one 21″ driver boasting a neodymium magnet and a power rating of 4000W, along with two 12″ neodymium drivers each with an 1800W rating. Despite its power, these components are housed within a relatively compact enclosure.

With its substantial capability, the SUB2112 can achieve a maximum sound pressure level (SPL) of 137 dB. Moreover, this subwoofer is engineered to accommodate proprietary Tower Rigging System plates, allowing for the stacking of multiple LCC44/84 columns directly onto the cabinet. This stacking can be done with adjustable play angles. Additionally, the SUB2112 is designed to incorporate a recessed cup for square-section Active Speaker Tubes. This feature facilitates the mounting of satellite enclosures.