Tower LCC44

The Tower LCC44 represents a compact and high-powered cardioid line array component. It incorporates Clarity Technology©, an exclusive high-frequency technology centered around four 4″ coaxial transducers, along with three more rear-mounted 4″ full-range transducers. This configuration delivers a cardioid dispersion pattern that effectively cancels out sound by -20 dB from the rear.

These Tower units offer flexible deployment options, allowing them to function independently with the use of pole stands or wall mount brackets. Alternatively, they can be combined to form lengthy column arrays through the Tower Rigging System, a proprietary setup. For each LCC44 unit, two amplifier channels are necessary, working in conjunction with dedicated DSP processing.

Tower LCC84

The Tower LCC84 is an intelligently designed cardioid line array component that embodies compactness, high power, and array capabilities. Its enclosure boasts Clarity Technology©, an exclusive high-frequency innovation that revolves around eight coaxial transducers, each comprised of a 4” cone driver paired with a compression driver. This configuration allows for a 120° horizontal coverage when viewed head-on. Additionally, six supplementary rear-mounted 4” full-range transducers empower the unit to produce a cardioid diffusion pattern, effectively attenuating sound by -20 dB from the rear.

These Tower units offer versatile deployment options. They can function autonomously or be joined together using the Tower Rigging System, an exclusive method for creating extensive column arrays. For every LCC84 unit, two amplifier channels are essential. These channels need to work in conjunction with a specialized DSP preset to achieve the desired cardioid dispersion pattern.

Tower LF44

The Tower LF44 functions as a column array loudspeaker designed primarily for low-frequency performance. It operates in conjunction with the Tower LCC44 or LCC84 to provide an extension of low-frequency capabilities. The LF44 shares the same construction and visual design as the LCC44, which means that all accessories designed for the LCC44 can also be used with the LF44. This module is comprised of four high-powered, low-frequency drivers and operates within a frequency range of 70Hz to 200Hz. The LF44 is powered by an independent amplifier channel equipped with a proprietary DSP.

The LF44 offers versatile deployment options. It can be integrated into a suspended array alongside the LCC44 and LCC84, or it can be independently wall-mounted.