Smart retractable, Manually foldable and Interpreter Video monitors providing a unique and professional experience for all involved.

The aesthetic and sympathetic design of Albiral’s video monitors, combined with their versatility, means a solution can be tailored to meet the most demanding of environments and create a unified platform which to engage.

It’s wall mountable monitors on the other hand, offer eye catching solutions in corporate spaces. Display personalised message, corporate presentations, employee notices and more on the high-definition, flat screen monitors.

Monitor Lift Systems

Transform your standard, manually retractable conference monitors into automated, fully retractable ones with Albirals Monitor Lift Systems.

These systems offer a stylish and unique way of raising and displaying your built-in monitors, whilst also effectively hiding them from site when they’re not in use.

The Universal Lift with Tilt is a Universal Lift System, allowing you to transform standard 15″ to 24″ screens into retractable monitors with a 20-degree automatic tilt.

The TabLift on the other hand is a motorised docking station with optional powering, an automatic 20 inclination and can be manually rotated from 0 to 90-degrees.

Digital Signage

The digital signage totems offers a stunning full-HD active matrix LCD screen with HDCP compliance. Several custom options such as WiFi, touch screens and audio all add the individuality that clients require.

DVI-I and DVI-D video inputs feature on the on-wall monitors, which will allow for simple content distribution from the source. Sizes range from 15″, 17″, 19″ and 22″. The totems are ideally suited to Hospitals, Hotels, Leisure Clubs and all other areas of active social business.