Universal Lift with Tilt

Universal Lift with Tilt is a Universal Lift System (ULS) allowing to transform standard screens into a retractable monitor that can be integrated sleekly in conference rooms, auditoriums or training rooms.

Specially designed for education applications, ULS helps to create collaborative and flexible learning spaces, increasing the audience immersive engagement. This ULS becomes a smart complete solution providing a screen to review and analyse closely documents, data or presentations during lectures of conferences in a convenient and easy way.


The TabLift is a motorised docking station with optional powering, enabling to hide a tablet within the furniture thanks to a silent and harmonic motorised movement that discreetly conceals it when not in use.

The tablet will be raised by pushing the buttons on the cover plate or remotely via RS422 and the tablet can be manually rotated from 0 to 90 degrees when in the docking station, allowing the tablet to be placed both vertically and horizontally while an advanced fixing mechanism ensures its steady position.