Smart Retractable Monitors

Smart Retractable Monitors combine perfectly style and technology to create unique meeting and conference rooms. This professional monitor range provides an innovative and flashy design with exceptional features, setting up inspiring spaces where ideas flow, versatility is unlimited and the user experience breaks out to be remembered.

Robust and reliable, unobtrusive and flexible, ergonomic and astonishing. Smart Retractable Monitors integrate perfectly into the interior design of the room, disappearing inside the furniture when not needed. The monitors are available in the following sizes: 12.1″; 15.6″; 17.3″; 18.5″ and 21.5″.

A2 Manually Foldable Monitors

A2 Manually Foldable Monitors are the perfect solution to create flexible and versatile tables needing to optimise the available space. They are elegant displays that enhance participation, creativity and co-working in dedicated areas and can be easily folded down to leave a direct line of sight to the other participants in the room.

Furthermore, the reduced space needed for their installation allows users to have a large cable-free surface to work using both the screen and other materials over the desk. Whilst the A2 monitor folds down and sits above the surface of the table, the A2F monitor gets closed with the screen facing down and is safely stored inside the table, keeping the surface of the table flat.

A2F Manually Foldable Monitors

Interpreter Video Monitors are fixed built-in displays specially designed to support users with video contents when there is also need to have a good view of the room. They offer a fixed tilt angle which is conceived to offer the ergonomics, providing a direct line of vision straight to the action.

The reduced height of the monitors allows to see each other while using the screen, making it easier to develop a smooth, collaborative and participate meeting when working together. Interpreter Video Monitors are ideal to be integrated in meeting and conference rooms and interpreter booths, where space gets fully optimised with this unobtrusive solution. The monitors are available in the following sizes: 15.6″ and 17.3″.

Wall / Flush Mount Monitors

Integrating monitors on / within a wall is a convenient space optimising solution, specially conceived to enhance the user experience. When installed in reception and public areas inside hotels, office and commercial buildings, museums and visitor or business centres, they become a part of a friendly eye-catching space providing positive feelings to visitors.

The monitors are ideal to offer relevant meeting information when placed outside a conference or purpose-built room, as well as displaying personalised welcome messages front of house of corporate presentations in the meeting rooms themselves.