Icarus & Daedalus

ICARUS, the latest speaker range by Giulia Archimede and Architettura Sonora, offers an alternative acoustic solution seamlessly merging with any design or space without compromising sound quality. This range includes the ICARUS_Stand-Alone model, combining style with superb sound, featuring compact subwoofers and adjustable satellites for clear sound and deep bass. The ICARUS_SUB subwoofer is versatile for indoor or outdoor placement, while the ICARUS_WALL offers flexible positioning. Additionally, the Icarus_MULTI series offers models with adjustable diffusers, needing subwoofer support. The Daedalus model provides excellent sound without requiring a subwoofer and allows for adjustable sound angles.


The Cylinder speakers, with their balanced dimensions and sleek lines, effortlessly blend into any setting, be it indoor or outdoor. The Medium Cylinder, known for its harmonious integration with landscape and architecture alongside high-quality sound performance, stands out as an ideal solution. Emitting warm and clean sounds from a compact source, it ensures omnidirectional sound emission in a sleek design. Enriching the Cylinder family is the Big Cylinder, featuring an 8″ full-range internal loudspeaker and a deflector made of the same material as its upper body, resulting in superior acoustic performance.


Introducing the “Spherina” family, a versatile collection of spherical omnidirectional speakers reimagining Architettura Sonora’s iconic Sphere with new materials and refined details. Characterized by a dual concentric 6″ transducer, these speakers ensure uniform omnidirectional coverage. The range also includes lighting options designed by Giulia Archimede.


The Sphere speaker range embodies AS’s timeless design principles with its classic lines and meticulous detailing, establishing it as a design classic. It offers versatility with a wide range of materials, finishes, and configurations, including full-range or subwoofer options, and two base design choices. This adaptability allows the Sphere to seamlessly integrate into any environment. Renowned for its omnidirectional sound, the Sphere delivers a rich and warm tonal balance, ensuring an immersive listening experience.


Introducing the Cube speaker series: elegance meets concrete craftsmanship. The Cubino offers robust sound in a compact design, featuring a 6-inch coaxial or woofer. Its sleek concrete body, available in various finishes, ensures both aesthetic appeal and acoustic excellence. The Cube_400 TEN enhances the classic Cube_400 with a 10″ coaxial speaker for powerful indoor and outdoor performances, while the Cube_2LV breaks new ground as a passive subwoofer, delivering unparalleled bass performance with its 12-inch woofer housed in a sophisticated concrete body.

Small Helmet

Small Helmet, a satellite hanging loudspeaker, boasts an innovative material molded into an organic shape. Known for its warm tonal balance, it features directional sound emission that creates “sound showers,” effectively defining and isolating sound even in confined spaces.