Ideal for those seeking expansive dynamics from a compact speaker, the Cubino boasts purity in both form and mass. Despite its small size, it delivers impressive sound thanks to its 6-inch dual-concentric coaxial, offering a wide frequency response in the full-range version, and a 6-inch woofer for warm and powerful bass in the subwoofer version. The sleek concrete body, available in four finishes and colors, ensures acoustically inert properties, meeting the desire for a clean and discreet design without sacrificing acoustic excellence.

Cube_400 TEN

Setting a new standard in performance, Cube_400 TEN elevates the AS classic, Cube_400, with the addition of a 10″ coaxial speaker, resulting in significantly enhanced and more powerful performances suitable for both indoor and outdoor use. Its iconic cubic design evokes a sense of solidity and reliability, while also serving as a striking contrast in dynamic architectural spaces.


The newly introduced Cube_2LV stands out as a highly potent passive subwoofer, pushing boundaries and establishing fresh benchmarks for rich and detailed bass performance, whether indoors or outdoors. Engineered for top-notch performance, its elegant concrete body encapsulates a remarkable 12-inch woofer, earning its name “2LV,” delivering powerful bass akin to that experienced in club settings. This achievement marks a significant advancement in the realm of subwoofers, promising unparalleled performance in various environments.