Icarus Stand Alone

The introduction of the ICARUS Family marks a new paradigm in sound, exemplified by the “ICARUS Stand-Alone” model, the first of its kind all-in-one system. This model offers wide coverage and a visually elegant audio system that seamlessly integrates into any design or space without sacrificing sound quality. Comprising a high-performing and compact subwoofer within a metal frame, along with two satellites whose emission width can be calibrated, this ultra-compact system delivers crystal-clear sound and deep, uncompressed bass, even at high output levels, thanks to its 8-inch woofer. The ICARUS stand-alone is versatile, designed to meet various acoustic needs, from contemporary living spaces to outdoor environments, including marine settings, with optional stainless steel 316L Marine Grade metal parts.

Icarus Multistand

The Icarus MULTI series, comprising Icarus Multistand, Multiground, Multiwall, and Multiceiling, forms a sub-family distinguished by its double 2” diffuser. Utilizing special joints, this feature allows for flexible adjustments based on requirements. Subwoofer support is necessary for the entire MULTI series, with the ICARUS SUB being the recommended choice, although any other sub from the AS range is compatible.

Icarus MultiCeiling

Completing the Icarus Multi line, Icarus MultiCeiling highlights its versatile nature. Specifically designed for ceiling installations, it boasts two 2-inch adjustable satellites, offering enhanced flexibility in sound projection.

Icarus Wall

Icarus Wall provides various positioning options with two different solutions: fixed or spherical joint, catering to diverse acoustic and spatial requirements. While not compulsory, using a supporting subwoofer is highly recommended, especially for playing music at high volumes or in configurations where low frequencies are crucial.

Icarus MultiWall

Icarus Multiwall is designed for specific indoor installations, with an easy wiring setup facilitated by its special plate. It can be effortlessly positioned on walls or ceilings. The Icarus MULTI series, including Icarus Multistand, Multiground, Multiwall, and Multiceiling, features a double 2” diffuser that can be adjusted as needed using special joints. The entire MULTI series requires subwoofer support, with the ICARUS SUB recommended, although any sub from the AS range is compatible.


The initial AS full-range ceiling or wall-mounted satellite, Daedalus, delivers exceptional performance without the requirement of a subwoofer, thanks to its passive woofer. Its clean and ergonomic side arm enhances its versatility, allowing for precise adjustment of sound emission angles.

Icarus Sub

Because low-end frequencies can pass through obstacles due to their longer wavelengths, the Icarus Sub has been created for easy placement indoors or outdoors, whether hidden or exposed. Its elegant and refined design allows it to seamlessly integrate with any design or material while fulfilling low-frequency needs without compromising sound quality. Specifically designed to complement and support the Icarus family satellites, the powerful subwoofer is also beneficial across the entire range of AS models, especially when paired with Cylinders due to its design.