Spherina Air

The “Spherina” family stands as the most versatile collection of spherical omnidirectional speakers. Drawing inspiration from Architettura Sonora’s origins, Spherina reintroduces the Sphere, an iconic symbol of high-end speakers, reimagining its shape with new materials and enhanced details for contemporary contexts. Featuring a dual concentric 6″ transducer with a coaxial mid-woofer and tweeter, Spherina creates a virtual point source that is both linear and time-coherent. This design ensures consistent omnidirectional coverage along the vertical axis, delivering unparalleled sound quality.

Spherina Air PLUMA

Spherina Air PLUMA, marking a departure from tradition by exploring innovative materials for increased installation versatility. Weighing in as the lightest model in its range at 5kg (11.02 lb), Spherina Air Pluma pioneers novel installation methods, enabling hanging installations on walls or thinner, less resistant surfaces.

Spherina Midair

With the introduction of Spherina Midair, it strikes a balance between the Spherina Air and Spherina Floor versions. This new model not only serves as a functional speaker but also doubles as an elegant piece of furniture. Its refined design and adaptable lines effortlessly blend into any indoor setting, showcasing its versatility and aesthetic appeal.

Spherina Floor

Spherina Floor represents a speaker that embodies both timeless elegance and cutting-edge technology. It seamlessly integrates high-end design with meticulous aesthetics, offering a clear and essential appearance. This design choice creates an intriguing contrast with the contemporary concrete material used for both its body and deflector, adding to its overall appeal and sophistication.