Arthur Holm - Dynamic2 Motorised Monitors

Motorised Monitors

A sleek and stylish approach to video conferencing with Arthur Holm’s high-definition motorised monitors.

The flat screen devices are designed to raise from within your furniture and allow users to view and share documents and videos.

A variety of motorised monitors are available through Arthur Holm, each varying in complexity. The Dynamic 1 and 2 simply raise up and rest on a tilt, whilst the Dynamic 3 has an additional 180-degree rotation and the Dynamic4 comprises of 4 monitors with 4 integrated cameras, 2 speakers and 2 microphones.

In addition to this, Arthur Holm provides complete conferencing solutions and pairs its screen with retractable gooseneck microphones, HDMI cables, presenting and sharing buttons and more.

Manual Monitor

AH2 is a manually foldable monitor.

The working position is adjustable from 110-degrees, to a complete folded position on the table with the screen facing down. AH2 has been designed for an easy installation on standard furniture with a compact and stylish elegance.

The AH2 manual monitor is entirely built in solid, milled aluminium with anodised finish, including an anti-reflection black edged glass that can also be a touch screen (Optional). AH2 manual monitor is available in 17″ and 22″.

Content Sharing

DynamicShare is a versatile solution for meeting rooms, facilitating seamless sharing of video sources among participants without any noticeable delay in video quality. It requires no specialized training and ensures quick and secure connectivity without messy cables or external devices. It offers two versions: DynamicShare standard, integrated into monitors, and DynamicShare stand-alone, an external box. Both versions support multiple HDMI inputs and allow sharing across multiple monitors or devices. DynamicShare enhances collaboration in various settings, including conference rooms, auditoriums, and courtrooms, with flexible installation options for different spatial requirements.

Tabletop Monitor

AH1 is a manually foldable aluminium monitor for desktops with anodised finish and a dark cast iron base. It includes an anti-glare protection glass with a stylish black frame.

Tired of monitors that become too intrusive? AH1 desktop monitor is the ideal solution for auditoriums, telepresence, meeting and conference rooms and information centres.

With a height that can be easily adjusted, they do not require structural changes on the table surface and can be optionally interactive. AH1 is available in 12″, 17″ and 22″ sizes.

Wall Mountable Monitors

Rise monitors (on-wall) have been designed to provide visitors with a warm welcome and convenient information.

They are made in brushed stainless steel or aluminium with a black serigraphic glass. The monitors are available in different sizes from 12″ to 22″. This compact monitor range comprises of fully stand-alone monitors with external power supply and integrated wall mounts with a security lock.

Drop monitors have been designed for a simple in-wall installation.

Drop wall monitors are available with glass, brushed stainless steel or aluminium frames and offer options such as embedded PC, built-in camera or touch screen. All models are provided with a galvanised mounting box and are available in many sizes from 12″ to 22″.

Motorised Camera

The Arthur Holm motorized camera system transforms video conferencing by seamlessly integrating high-definition video, audio, and speaker features into furniture. It prioritizes natural interactions by positioning the camera at eye level, enhancing eye contact and visibility. Individual camera setups ensure equal engagement, while integrated microphones and speakers deliver exceptional audio. With its sleek design and remote control options, the DynamicMCS maximizes flexibility, effortlessly blending into furniture to optimize space and functionality.

Arthur Holm - DynamicSpeaker Solutions


In a world where AV really matters, Arthur Holm offers clients a unified and collaborative workspace in which to work effectively, efficiently, and positively.

Arthur Holm are constantly reinventing and bringing to market new and exclusive solutions for the modern day conference room.

Unique solutions like motorised speakers, microphones and cables adds efficiency and resource to your collaboration spaces, whilst simple monitor daisy chaining manages the distribution of a video signal easily and effectively.