The Dynamic MCS system features a motorized high-resolution camera, microphone, and loudspeaker, all built into furniture for streamlined integration. Its hybrid housing, constructed from steel and composite materials with a non-reflective black finish, maintains a sleek appearance. A touch button on the steel cover facilitates raising and lowering of the camera, microphone, and loudspeaker, while manual horizontal adjustment allows for precise positioning. Furthermore, remote control options via AHnet, GPI, or AHlink provide additional convenience and control over the system’s operation.

The DynamicMCS system integrates cameras and audio equipment into furniture for video meetings, aiming to replicate in-person interactions with top-notch cameras positioned at eye level, reducing the sense of distance. Each participant having their own camera, microphone, and monitor enhances connection, especially when cameras are at eye level. Built-in microphones and speakers ensure good audio quality, while seamlessly integrating technology into furniture enhances room functionality and flexibility.