The DB3 retractable aluminum monitor prioritizes innovation, usability, aesthetics, discretion, durability, and sustainability. Its design, following the style of its predecessor, the DB2, focuses on adjustability for ergonomic comfort and visibility during meetings. The screen smoothly inclines towards the user, with silent movement maintaining elegance. Sustainable materials like aluminum and glass were used.

The monitor features a 21.5” LCD display with long life and energy-efficient electronics. AHlink app allows for easy adjustment. Inputs include 2 DVI HDCP compliant inputs, with local control options via touch buttons, RS-422, or the AHlink app. It emerges vertically from the table and can slide up to 20 degrees of inclination. The automated hatch ensures a streamlined finish for the meeting table and comes in black anodized aluminum. Touch screen and DynamicShare options are available.

Arthur Holm - Dyanmic3 Motorised Monitors


Dynamic3 monitors are the only models currently available on the market to feature such extensive working mode options. Its convenient designs allows an integration in desks with a reduced thickness and offers a discreet and timeless look.

The Dynamic3’s sophisticated electronics detects automatically the screen position, positioning the image accordingly. If the sensors detect any resistance, the movement stops to protect the user.

The screen lifting system activates automatically the rising of the keyboard and mouse tray optionally. The ‘Talk’ model includes an independent lift for a gooseneck microphone, whilst the ‘Reverse’ model includes adjustable tilt and 180-degree rotation.


Dynamic2 are retractable monitors with a vertical movement and a 20-degree automatic tilt to ensure the best ergonomics, visibility and viewing angle. This monitor range creates minimum impact on the furniture design and is easy to integrate, intuitive to use (one touch sensor) and almost invisible (no cover plate) when not in operation.

The Dynamic2 is available in a range of models, each featuring different additions, i.e. an integrated HDMI cable, a retractable gooseneck microphone, automated lift system for keyboards and mice plus more.

Arthur Holm - Dynamic2 Motorised Monitors

Arthur Holm - Dynamic1 Motorised Monitors


Dynamic1 are retractable monitors with one single movement and built-in solid aluminium with anodised finish. The Dynamic1H features a horizontal motorised movement with an adjustable tilt between 0 and 70-degrees, whilst the other Dynamic1 models feature a vertically motorised movement.

A ‘Twin’ solution that raises two screens back-to-back is available for use in reception desks and information centres where table space is limited, plus double-sided screens display alternative content and allowing 2-way communication. The DynamicSignatureDisplay is a retractable digital labelling monitor for auditoriums, institutions and public communication spaces, wanting a simple display of a picture and a name in full colour.


Retractable motorised monitor for integration in armrests. The monitor is only visible when it is in use and it is safely stored in the chair armrest when not required. This elegant aluminium screen possesses an automatic vertical extraction movement plus an additional manual rotation towards the user followed by a motorised tilt adjustment.

Its mechanism is robust and silent and the whole solution is integrated in a compact block, being very simple to install. DynamicChairDisplay motorised retractable monitor for armrests is available in 15.6″.

Arthur Holm - DynamicChairDisplay