Simply touch a button and a 60cm cable will appear with a smooth and silent movement. Push to deploy and push to retract or control it remotely.

Extremely intuitive, user-friendly and discreet, the patented DynamicCableRetract is available with HDMI and USB-C cables. It is compact, elegant and robust and provides a minimalistic design and a harmonic and silent motorised movement for a seamless integration into furniture.

Arthur Holm - DynamicCableRetract

Arthur Holm - DynamicTalk Solutions


Available in three models, DynamicTalk is a collection of retractable microphones that allows you to hide them in your furniture when not in use. DynamicTalk and DynamicTalkH feature gooseneck microphones that are either lifted horizontally or vertically, whilst DynamicTalkB features a boundary microphone.

For sleek integration with the rooms furniture, the DynamicTalk Undercover features a veneered cover which fully encases the microphone and gives you a completely flat surface. The horizontal microphone installation is ideal for optimising table spaces. It allows the microphone to be bended while returning automatically to its original, concealed position and keeping a low profile inside the table.


Arthur Holm’s MicConnect is a static surface mount for XLR microphones with integrated shock mount, push to talk button and microphone status LED.

The microphone is very easy to connect and disconnect. A special tool (included with the product) is necessary to remove the microphone.

When there is no microphone connected, the XLR connector is covered by a lid integrated in the system. MicConnect is made of stainless steel and standard and customised finished are available.

Arthur Holm - MicConnect

Arthur Holm - DynamicSpeaker Solutions


Meeting rooms are where ideas are born, a sanctuary of creativity, the place where important decisions are taken. If a spoken dialog or the sound of a presentation is unintelligible, much of the communication is lost. In a meeting and conference room, there is the need to spread the sound over a long length of tables.

DynamicSpeaker is an ingenious, elegant and space optimising solution. It comprises a motorised loudspeaker for desk integration: a compact, omnidirectional 360-degree Class D active speaker, two-way coaxial driver, with integrated DSP technology.

Signal Distribution and Selection

The DynamicLoop system can manage the distribution of a video signal and allows you to daisy chain the monitors using HDMI cables. DynamicLoop can also be combined with a distributor to get as many outputs as required. This feature significantly contributes to optimising the cabling and installation times in large projects.

DynamicShare is a smart solution that allows participants to share different video sources amongst each other, with optimal video quality (zero frame latency), and it doesn’t require specific training, technical knowledge or assistance. It’s a software-free share system that provides quick and seamless connectivity with a high level of security. The meeting and conference table can stand alone, without the inconvenience of either messy cabling or having to integrate external devices.

Arthur Holm - DynamicLoop Solutions