AUDAC’s extensive range of loudspeakers meets the needs of most background and foreground applications, with indoor and outdoor solutions, and solutions for acoustically challenging environments.

From a pair of compact active loudspeakers to go with a smart board, to sound projectors for an industrial paging application. From high performance 12″ two-ways and subwoofers for gyms and bars, to a stunning 2″ ceiling loudspeaker that’s ideal for speech reproduction in a VC environment.

If you have an application – then in most cases, there is an AUDAC loudspeaker to meet the requirement.

AUDAC - SMA SMQ Amplifiers


AUDAC have been able to design and manufacture an extensive range of power amplifiers, due to their specialist amplifier team.

Its EPA range is a comprehensive collection of 1U, 2 and 4 channel convection cooled amplifiers delivering power levels up to 500W into 4 Ohms.

The SMA / SMQ amplifiers are 2U, 2 and 4 channel fan cooled amplifiers that deliver up to 1,250W into 4 Ohms, integral DSP onboard and optional Dante.

The newest amplifier series to the range is the MFA. An all-in-one audio solution that merges 5 devices into 1 and comes together in one compact 1/2U enclosure.

AUDAC - Pre-amplifiers 1U Rack Mixers


For smaller, single room (and even 2 and 4 zone) applications, AUDAC produces a number of rack mountable pre-amplifiers.

Designed to provide the required source mixing and control in an intuitive manner, AUDAC’s pre-amps offer versatile connectivity with the addition of Bluetooth.

With the Bluetooth technology deployed in these products offering a 30-metre range (line of sight), they offer a true commercial connectivity solution in a modern BYOD environment.

Input volume control is done using the corresponding rotary dials on the front panel. Whilst the output section features a 6-segement LED VU bar, a master volume control and 2-band tone control.

AUDAC - MTX88 Matrix Systems

Matrix Systems

Matrix Systems form the heart of all multi-source / multi-zone audio systems.

AUDAC have a comprehensive range of matrix systems designed to meet the differing requirements of the wide range of applications that these can be utilised in.

From the M2 which features extensive matrix routing, EQ, optical linking and paging capability, through to the MTX range of 4 and 8 zone matrix units. All of which have an extensive range of wall controls, local input devices and paging stations.

Each of these matrix systems can also be controlled using AUDAC Touch. The free-to-use total system control platform allows the creation of user and application specific interfaces, giving control of multiple devices from one single application.

AUDAC - LENTO Set Solutions

Set Solutions

Specifying an audio system needn’t be difficult, and AUDAC proves that with its extensive range of Set Solutions.

Each of the Set Solutions has AUDAC’s innovative electronics at the heart of it. These are then complemented with different application specific loudspeakers, chosen expertly by AUDAC themselves.

From satellite and subwoofer-based system, through to in-wall, on-wall, in-ceiling, outdoor, and column speaker based systems for acoustically challenging spaces. Solutions make it easier than ever to provide great audio systems for an array of applications.



All audio systems need sources, and AUDAC recognises this with their range of multimedia sources.

The crown jewel of AUDAC’s sources is the XMP44 modular audio player. The XMP44 offers 4 bays that can be loaded with the required SourceCon module, dependent on the application and client’s needs.

Modules include a DAB/DBA+ FM tuner, a voice file media player, an internet radio, an FM module, media player and recorder module, and a network media player for sue with Soundtrack Your Brand.

The XMP44 can also be fitted with a Dante module for integration into networked audio installations.