MFA - All-In-One Audio Solutions

The MFA, all-in-one audio solution, is a truly ground-breaking solution.

It serves as an amplifier, audio source, audio processor, audio matrix and automation system all at the same time. This means that you only have to install 1 device instead of 5, when offering a complete installation. All of these functionalities come together in one compact half 19″ enclosure.

The integrated SourceCon module slot, allows the implementation of any available compatible module, offering a true all-in-one solution. An optional ANI44XT Dante audio network interface can also be integrated, letting users play priority messages with near-zero latency.

Ideal for small to medium audio installations, the MFA solutions allow high-quality complete audio systems to be installed on a reduced budget.

AUDAC - MFA Amplifiers


Public Address Mixing Amplifiers

The COM amplifiers are compact but versatile public address mixing amplifiers, which offers solutions for small to medium-sized audio systems in commercial installations.

Typical applications are background music systems in retail stores, bars, restaurants and office buildings. The compact and simple design allows installation in any location and operation through any possible user.

The COM104 and COM108 amplifiers are suitable for applications with a single zone, whereas the COM12 and COM24 can distribute audio to up to 6 zones from 6 channels.

Balanced mic / line inputs (XLR, Phoenix and Jack) are available for connecting an audio source, whilst there’s inputs for an announcement microphone and a priority switch for overriding background music.

WaveDynamics Power Amplifiers

The SMA and SMQ series are Class-D power amplifiers, featuring WaveDynamics audio processing technology.

They come in different output configurations, with two (SMA) or four (SMQ) channels and are available in output powers of 350W, 500W, and 750W (the SMQ also has a 1250W model).

These amplifiers flexibility and alternative configurations make them an excellent solution for most applications, no matter if its a fixed or mobile installations.

Configuration of the amplifiers is made simple with loudspeaker presets and full system configurations, which can be selected from a library and uploaded with a USB flash drive.

AUDAC - SMA500 Amplifiers

AUDAC - EPA104 Amplifiers

EPA Amplifiers

The EPA range are energy efficient stereo amplifier, which automatically switch to a standby mode when no audio signals are detected.

Their weight and compact size makes these single rack space amplifiers ideal for both fixed and mobile applications. With both dual- and quad-channel options, the EPA amplifiers can be utilised in applications of varying sizes.

Their use of Class-D technology ensures excellent efficiency as well as outstanding sound quality. Thanks to the complete passively cooled entity only a minimal amount of maintenance is needed, while ensuring maximum reliability.

Signal input connections are integrated with balanced XLR connectors, and signal link through is possible using the XLR output connectors.

Mini Stereo Amplifiers

Perfect for small installations where relatively low power is required, these compact sized power amplifiers offer multiple control and source connectivity possibilities.

AMP203 is a revolutionary mini stereo amplifier, featuring network input through Dante or AES67 providing a complete media networking solution to distribute uncompressed audio via standard ethernet networks with near-zero latency.

AMP523 is a mini stereo amplifier with an integrated web-based control unit featuring four stereo line inputs and one balanced microphone input with phantom power.

AMP20 is a mini stereo power amplifier with a power rating of 2 x 15 Watt, that lends itself perfectly to small speaker systems requiring compact and economical audio solutions.

AUDAC - Mini Stereo Amplifiers

CEP Series

The CEP series are professional 70/100V multichannel power-efficient amplifiers coming into two models. Both low impedance as 70/100V, deliver high-quality amplification distributed over multiple zones in various applications.

-Miniature switches allow daisy linking
-Class D amplifier technology
-Full channel power low-or high impedance loads
-Silent passive cooling
-Energy star compliant
-High channel density in 1U form factor

  1. CEP803 8 X W 30 Watt
  2. CEP408 4 X W 80 Watt