The XMP44 is a professional modular audio specifications system with 4 SourceCon interface card slots, where to a wide variation of optional modules can be installed. The flexible architecture allows any project combination up to four sources, resulting in a truly versatile solution.

Simultaneous operation for all four modules makes it a compact multi-source system which is the perfect expansion for any multi-zone audio system. Four USB interfaces (one for each module) are enabling playback or storage of media and voice files, while pre-listening for each output is possible through a built-in PFL speaker with individual volume control.

AUDAC - XMP44 Sources

AUDAC Modular Digital Audio Player

SourceCon Modules

SourceCon technology guarantees true plug and play implementation to any compatible device, allowing your media player to be tailored to fit any specific application. The wide variation compatible modules and extensive configuration possibilities allows flexible combinations for any application.

Installation is done by sliding the modules into guide rails, while connections are made using board-edge connections. This allows simple and fast installation without requiring additional internal wiring or complex configuration.

  • BMP40 – Bluetooth Module
  • FMP40 – Voice File Media Player Module
  • IMP40 – Internet Audio Player Module
  • MMP40 – Media Player & Recorder Module
  • NMP40 – Audio Streaming Module
  • ANX44 – Dante Audio Interface 4 in / 4 out