The M2 is a multi-media audio distribution system, which offers an unseen flexibility and amount of possibilities for any audio distribution system.

In general, the M2 is an 9×8 digital audio mixer, which is based on 11 powerful DSP processors. It is fully digitally controllable through a web browser interface, optional touchscreen display, wall panels and Android or iOS apps.

What makes the M2 superior to all other digital audio matrixes, is the superior DSP power and advanced software. It contains 8 balanced stereo inputs with Automatic Level Control (ALC) where to any Line or Microphone level source can be connected.

The zone outputs are balanced stereo outputs with the possibility to integrate an optional Power Amplifier Kit.

AUDAC - M2 Matrix Systems

AUDAC - MTX Systems


MTX are four- and eight-zone matrix systems, containing balanced microphone inputs with priority function, phantom power possibility and three band tone control.

Four stereo line-level inputs are provided where to any line-level music source such as a CD-player, Tuner or MP3 player can be connected. The other two inputs of the matrix are the additional wall panel inputs for both line and microphone signals.

The MTX can be controlled by means of additional control panels, its fully functional web-based interface or the AUDAC Touch app.

The RS-232 port makes the MTX compatible with any home and industrial automation systems supporting RS-232.