Thanks to the elegant and nearly invisible design of the CELO speakers, the SENSO Set Solutions will aesthetically blend into any environment while guaranteeing an unsurpassed sound experience.

By choosing the SENSO solution, you’re able to choose a speaker set that has the right capacity to fill and entire room and that fits in with the interior design. These compact, ceiling speakers are then paired and powered by one of AUDAC’s amplifiers.

Solutions are available that cover spaces up to 400m2 and the bigger the solution, the more powerful the amplifier. Solutions are available with the AMP20MK2, EPA152, EPA104, NOBA8 and AMP523 amplifiers.

AUDAC - SENSO Set Solutions

AUDAC - SONA Set Solutions


The SONA series provides a stunning and elegant design whilst delivering a sound experience that will leave its listeners stunned. Thanks to the combination of the extremely compact ATEO loudspeakers and one of AUDAC’s powerful amplifiers or bass cabinets, a perfect balance between sound clarity and power can be attained.

The majority of the SONA packages feature the ultra-compact ATEO2 wall mount speaker, whilst others include the more powerful ATEO4. These solutions can either become almost invisible in your shop, office or restaurant (ATEO2), or provide a more foreground audio experience in bars and stores (ATE04).


Having a high speech intelligibility is crucial in an educational environment. But nowadays playback of high-quality media has also become a necessity in order to have your students experience the entire essence of your message.

Excellent audibility of speech in acoustically difficult environments can easily be achieved with the KYRA or LINO column loudspeakers. These can then be paired alongside an amplifier of your choice, NOBA, MFA, SMQ, EPA and AMP523, and even a BASO subwoofer, for covering areas of up to 250m2.




Are you looking for a real breath taking sound immersion? The NOBA has a height of only 149mm and can be installed right underneath a sofa. Together with the MERO built in-wall speakers, this custom setup delivers an unsurpassed sound experience in a lounge, lobby or boutique.

A smooth integration into any interior thanks to the SlimLine grill that establishes the elegant look of the MERO in-wall speakers. A perfect acoustical match is accomplished by the WaveDynamics technology which also provides a bulletproof protection for your audio system.

Three CERRA packages are available featuring 2, 4 or 8 MERO2 in-wall speakers. The MERO2 features a full-range aluminium driver in an enclosure with optimised porting to deliver extraordinary music reproduction.