RXT Touch Screens

The RXT units are the world’s first ReAX JavaScript based touch panel / control systems.

Ideal for conference rooms, educational facilities, digital signage and more. Designed to either sit on a flat surface of to be mounted flush on a wall, the RXT is available with screen sizes of 1024 x 600 and 1280 x 800.

The 2D and 3D graphics engine with H.264 streaming decoder provides a powerful solution for complex graphics and video, ensuring an enhanced user experience.

To further enhance the experience, the RXT systems have a 2-watt speaker and digital microphone for conferencing.

Aurora - RXT-8D Control Systems

Aurora - DXB-8i Control Systems


The DXB-8 is a low-cost 8 button single-gang button panel, designed to work with just about any RS-232 device on the market.

This unit allows any RS-232 string to be assigned to the press and release of each button and even repeat on hold is available.

The buttons can individually be lit red, green, or blue so in dimly lit areas it can be seen. Available in Decora white or black, this button panel is design to match.

The DXB-8i model has the same feature set as the DXB-8, but it works with just about any Ethernet, RS-232, or IR device on the market.