Audio Toolbox Platforms & AxC Cards

Smart, scalable and durable, the AVBx7 and AVBx3 boxes of the “Audio ToolBox” family allow networked audio technologies and traditional audio interfaces to be interconnected quickly and easily.

The AVBx7 and AVBx3 boxes allow the insertion of up to 7 or 3 “AxC-Card” audio interface cards respectively.


The AV-WALL products are an ultra compact dante interface for wall mounting. It has an internal mixer feature which allows up to 4 lines of audio line mixing. They have an add on feature that allows to be operated by Bluetooth control. It also has a balanced mic and line inputs or outputs.


The AVDT-BOB are compact 4-channel Dante break out boxes with embedded Digital Signal Processing. Each of the six different models of AVDT-BOB has either 2 or 4 mic / line and 2 or 4 analog outputs that are available on the Dante network via the embedded Ultimo chip. For convenience, power can be supplied via PoE or local DC PSU.

AVDT-BOB is not just an on or off ramp to the Dante network, the on board DSP allows inputs and outputs to be processed with a toolbox of equalisation filters and dynamic processing including limiters, compressors and gates. A matrix mixer allows any of the inputs (Dante, analogue or AES) to be mixed and sent to the outputs.

A dual core ARM processor hosts an embedded webserver allowing simple control from virtually any smart device (iOS, Android, Windows, Mac OS, Linux).