Wired Touch Panels

CUE’s wired touch panels are designed for tabletop, on-wall and built-in installation.

IP-enabled and only requires one ethernet cable for installation, the CUE wired touch panels allow bi-directional control of any IP-enabled product without the need for a controller.

Each of the touch panels are compatible with CUE controllers and interfaces, providing the ultimate one-touch solution for meeting rooms, conference rooms, lecture room, and high-tech homes.

Edge-to-edge front glass and a sleek aluminium body offers a clean modern design, suitable for a whole host of applications.

Wired Keypads

Compact wired keypads are a simple and affordable control panel for various types of installations.

The keypadCUE-55 is a push-button keypad with eight buttons and a programmable indication for each button is available. This easy-to-use control interface connects to controllers to offer a wide variety of functions, such as display on and off, input switching, volume, and mute control.

The second type of compact keypad is the tapCUE-4 – a touchscreen display. This device allows for greater flexibility with user-defined control interfaces and offers communication over a network.

Compact Controllers

These ethernet IP-enabled compact controllers offer various types of control ports and bi-directional control of any IP-enabled products.

CUE’s compact controllers are fully compatible with the rest of CUE’s touch and button panels, or can work as standalone devices. All of the controllers keep data and time with their on-board real-time clocks (RTC). Thus allowing for a wide variety of distributed intelligence scheduling applications.

Single cable ethernet connection provides easy network integration. The controllers are equipped with Power-over-Ethernet technology, enabling an ethernet network cable to deliver both data and power.

Basic Control Solutions

CUE’s Basic Control Solutions are simple and cost-effective kits for integrating technology used in meeting rooms.

The solutions are always made up of a controller, which is then complemented by one of the following panels – Button Keypad, Touch-Screen Keypad, or Mobile Phone Application.

These complete, easy-to-use room control solutions are entirely powered over ethernet and are compatible with any IP-enabled products.

The options of using a keypad, touchscreen or mobile application means that users can decide on a solution that suits their environment.

Complete Room Solution

roomCUE-web is a complete, easy-to-use solution for room control and reservation.

Comprised of a controlCUE-basic controller, the webCUE application and a touchONE-10-M reservation panel, roomCUE-web provides everything you need for IP-based room booking and control.

The control unit (controlCUE-basic) controls the individual devices installed in the meeting room and must be accessible from a mobile device via a data network.

All the control is handled from the comfort of your own personal device, meaning you don’t need to have access to a fixed panel and maintains social distancing and healthcare measures.