1000 Series

1000 Series embodies innovation for an exceptional listening experience that speaks for itself. The sophisticated design of this range is a truly discreet alternative to a traditional audio installation in your home, for Stereo and Home Cinema use.

100 Series

The 100 Series is mostly dedicated to the home audio market. Three main types of use of built-in products are provided: multiple loudspeakers systems (hallways, living rooms…), stereo systems (bedroom, kitchen…) and Home Cinema systems (in dedicated rooms or living rooms).

300 Series

The products of the 300 Series line are designed and made in France and include Focal exclusive technologies such as the Flax cone and the Aluminium/Magnesium inverted dome tweeter, they will meet the higher expectations.


No high end loudspeaker brand is truly complete without matching electronics. In the 2 channel world FOCAL’s ownership of Naim Audio makes a natural match, a match that the two companies have worked tirelessly on for over a decade.

In a CI / residential installation the demand for premium quality remain, but the requirements are very different. This is why FOCAL has a small collection of high end electronics to facilitate more of a complete solution, from the multi award winning Astral 16 AV processor and multi channel amplifier to the 100 IWSUB8, dedicated 100 Series subwoofer amplifier.


The Littoria series consists of a number of ranges designed to deliver premium audio solutions for terrace, garden and yacht applications for those looking for the highest quality outdoors.
Intended for yachts, for any structure located in a coastal environment or for any wet area such as a spa, Littora 1000 products offer pure Focal Sound at sea and on dry land alike. Made in France, 1000 ICW8 and 1000 ICW10 are discreetly integrated into walls and ceilings. Complemented by the 1000 ICW SUB10 subwoofer, they create a high-quality system for indoor and outdoor spaces.

On Wall 300 Series

The On Wall 301 and On Wall 302 wall-mounted loudspeakers have been designed to deliver high-performance Home Cinema listening and will also bring out the best of your music. They fit easily onto walls, around a television, but can also be positioned on stands if you prefer.