Furman - Classic Series

Power Conditioning

Furman design, manufacture and market revolutionary power conditioning unit, that are leading the way in the AV industry.

Its Merit X Series power conditioner is the perfect low-cost AV power solution for any rack mount system. Install a M-10X E or M-10LX E into the top slot of your rack, and the ten switched outlets in the rear panel will power up and protect all your equipment up to a 10-amp load.

The Classic Series from Furman brings together superior protection and outstanding performance in a sturdy, rack-mountable design.

This series features many of Furman’s revolutionary power technologies and offers a new industrial design and full feature set engineered specifically for the A/V professional.

Furman - CN-3600 SE - Power Sequencing

Power Sequencing

Your professional, high-performance installations require professional, high performance power sequencing solutions that turn on and off power in an orderly fashion to prevent equipment “popping” and damage.

The CN-**** SE conditioners are designed for commercial A/V installations and combines robust control capabilities via SmartSequencing Technology, which allows large and complex A/V systems to be safely powered on and off with a simple press of a button or turn of a key.

The PS8-RE III has all the protection features of the Furman Classic series of power conditioners, and is capable of powering up equipment in a 3-step delayed sequence, reversed for power-down.

Voltage Regulators

The Furman Voltage Regulators deliver clean and stable power to protect equipment from problems caused by AC line voltage irregularities.

These irregularities include sags, brownouts, or over-voltages; all of which can cause sensitive electronic equipment to malfunction or sustain damage.

Both of Furman’s voltage regulators accept voltage inputs from 188V to 270V and transforms it to a constant output of 230V or 240V. Voltages beyond that range may also be converted to usable levels, depending on the range variance.

Uninterruptible Power Supplies

The F1500-UPS E battery backup is designed exclusively for audio/video professionals.

Typical UPS systems feature antiquated surge suppression technologies, that can cause as much damage and annoying lockups as they attempt to prevent. Only Furman offers battery backup with its road proven SMP non-sacrificial, zero ground contamination surge suppression technology and EVS Extreme Voltage Shutdown. With Furman’s F1500-UPS, you can expect years of trouble-free operation.

While other UPS devices feature AC line filters suitable for an I.T. closet, only Furman employs its exclusive Linear Filtering Technology (LiFT). This advanced noise filtering technology assures that today’s ultra-wide dynamic range is maintained as it must be – pristine. Remember, less AV noise equals greater content, great resolution, and higher definition.