Merit Series

Furman’s most affordable rackmount power conditioners, provide standard level surge suppression, standard level EMI/RFI filtration, nine outlets, 6ft line cord, and a robust steel chassis.

The M-10X E and M-10LX E power conditioning devices are designed to sit in the top slot of your rack, and its ten switched outlets on the rear panel will power up and protect all the equipment up to a 10-amp load.

The M-10LX E is structurally and feature-wise the same as the M-10X, but with the addition of two front panel pop-out LED lamp units. These allows for dimmer control and illumination of the equipment rack controls.

Furman - Merit Series - Power Conditioning

Furman - Classic Series

Classic Series

The Classis series power conditioning units all share a common set of features. ‘Series Multistage Protection’ provides surge protection up to 6000V and 3000A pulses, far in excess of common spikes.

‘Linear Filtering Technology’ gives protection against RFI and other induced line-noise. ‘Extreme Voltage Shutdown’ detects creeping voltage rises that reach 15% over the norm and powers down the system.

The PL-8CE has 10 amp total rated load, IEC 10 amp input connector.

The PL-PlusCE is the same as the PL-8CE but with an LED bar-graph voltage indicator.

The PL-PRO-DMC-E is the same as the PL-8C but has a 16 amp total current rated and uses a 16 amp IEC input connector.

P-2300 IT E

Designed for the most critical, ultra-low noise installation, the P-2300 IT E power conditioner supplies up to 10 amps of balanced AC power, ideal for recording studios, broadcast stations, video production facilities, or any environment requiring pristine, studio-quality signal-to-noise ratio.

Furman’s Symmetrically Balanced Power provides a virtually invisible noise floor in the P-2300 IT E, by reworking incoming AC into a balanced power output.

Additionally, Furman’s revolutionary Series Multi-Stage Protection (SMP), Extreme Voltage Shutdown (EVS), and Linear Filtering Technology (LiFT) are combined to ensure what it customers have grown to expect from Furman – uncompromised protection and purification.

Furman - P2300 IT E