Acoustic Parquet

Acoustic Parquest acoustic panels are part of the Architectural Acoustic Solution collection.

The acoustic panels Acoustic Parquet are an acoustic wall covering with a look and feel inspired by floors with wooden slats. They guarantee an aesthetic result without compromise, thanks to the variety of formats and finishes and the possibility of positioning the slats according to your needs.

Acoustic Parquet reduces the noise and reverberation generated in indoor environment, thus allowing guests to enjoy a nice and clear talk undisturbed.

Choose among a wide range of fabrics and panels are available in 4 material finishes suggesting a concrete effect.

Garvan - Acoustic Parquet - Acoustic Solutions

Garvan - Atelier - Acoustic Solutions


Atelier decorative sound-absorbing panels are part of Garvan’s Architectural Acoustic Solution collection.

The Atelier collection features decorative acoustic panels, manufactured according to the best Italian sartorial excellence. The panels are tailor-made and feature the utmost attention to detail.

Atelier is the most adaptable collection of the Garvan production. The acoustic panels can be made-manufactured in different sizes and thickness to create exclusive architectural effects.

The Atelier panels can be combined with high fidelity Garvan speakers for hanging around and under your TV setup.


The acoustic panel for ceiling, Microbaffle, with wooden slats, is part of the collection Architectural Acoustic Solution.

Microbaffle acoustic panel for ceilings is a modern interpretation of wood-beamed ceilings. Thanks to that, the sound-absorbing panel adapts perfectly to different spaces and perspectives and is a great ally to interior design.

The Microbaffle panels for ceilings reduce the noise and reverberation generated in indoor environments, this allowing guests to enjoy a nice and clear talk undisturbed.

The collection is composed of ceiling elements combining fiber, fabric, and wood and the succession of lines on the panel creates a rhythmic and almost music pattern.

Garvan - Microbaffle

Garvan - Surface


The Surface sound absorbing panel is part of Garvan’s Acoustic Solution collection.

Surface is an acoustic coating inspired by slabs for the cladding of large buildings. One of our goals was to go beyond the offer a common fabric finish, to develop lines of panels conveying an exclusive material effect.

The MatericaCEMENT finish on Surface is the result of an in-depth research activity on polyester fibre, and its possibilities of combination with other elements that do no alter its sound absorption capacity.

Graphic patterns are available to be printed on the Surface panels.


Close, but sage: Area partition panels guarantee a comfortable and safe environment.

Manufactured in plexiglass or sound-absorbing polyester fiber, these protective panels feature the exclusivity of a Made in Italy design and tailor-made manufacture.

A pleasant, protected, never uncomfortable partition: the protective and sound absorbing room dividers are the ideal solution for offices, restaurants, and public places.

Light and tailor-made protection for every environment: Area protective partition panelling allows several people to stay in the same environment, guaranteeing social distancing, and personalised planning of spaces.

Garvan - Area