In-Wall and In-Ceiling Loudspeakers

Garvan’s in-wall and in-ceiling speakers disappear into the walls thanks to the flush-fitting technology created by Garvan in 2006.

The loudspeakers are especially suitable to be installed into very small frameworks, which guarantees a unique listening quality, while the steel used for the structure provides an interference-resistant stiffness.

The aesthetic covers are completely customisable and offer a wide choice of tailor-made solution to best suit any environment.

Loudspeakers designed for installation in plasterboard, in standard walls and outdoor are available, alongside subwoofers to complement the loudspeaker range.

In-wall and In-Ceiling - Garvan Loudspeakers

GOCCIA - Garvan Loudspeakers

Hanging Loudspeaker

SVK15 Goccia is the only hanging speaker on the market that blends natural sound diffusion with design and art.

A decorative piece of furniture, totally made in Faenza’s ceramic, with a timeless design, suspended from the ground thanks to state-of-the-art components.

This 2-way loudspeaker has an RMS power of 90W and max power handling of 180W. Garvan describes the Goccia has having “pure sound” and recreates a real-life acoustic condition and provides a natural and crystal-clear sound.

Floor Loudspeakers

Garvan Acoustic floor loudspeakers represent a complete solution for indoor and outdoor environments, thank to directional loudspeakers and a 360-degree sound diffusion.

A superior listening experience, a natural and light sound which, combined with a wide choice of colours, make the floor speakers also suitable for the most refined indoor and outdoor environments.

The timeless, geometric design of Garvan’s floor loudspeakers makes them an ideal and necessary inclusion for swimming pools, parks, terraces, verandas, and gardens.

Floor Standing - Garvan Loudspeakers

Garvan Bookshelf

Bookshelf Loudspeakers

Combining compact sizes and a clean design with the unmistakable Garvan Acoustic technology, the bookshelf loudspeakers offer a powerful and high-quality sound.

They are suitable for home theatre and multiroom systems, as well as gastro pubs and bars looking to blend sound solutions in with the theme and decor of the building.

Thanks to the wide range of colour and ornamental finishes available, these products suit almost any environment.


Garvan Acoustics passive soundbar offers a superior listening experience and can be connected to any high-quality home theatre amplifier, in order to obtain an audio performance far superior if compared to traditional soundbars.

Regardless of budget, size of the environment, type of mounting technology (wall, ceiling or on furniture or shelves), and listening experience and performances, Garvan’s soundbar represents the right solution for every need and its extremely easy to install.

Garvan Soundbar