USB Cables & Adapters

Extend USB 3.0 (USB 3.1 Gen1) Super-Speed signals at data rates of up to 5Gbps with Hall Technologies Javelin Active Optical Plenum Cables. Compatible with all USB 3.0 devices including 4K cameras and USB memory devices, these plenum rated cables offer lengths of 15, 30 and 50 metres.

As well as their Javelin USB 3.0 cables, Hall also manufacture a 4-port USB 3.0 hub with the unique capability to up-convert USB 1.1/2.0 data to USB 3.0 upstream. This product makes it possible to use extension methods that only support USB 3.0 or higher (i.e. the USB 3.0 Javelin Cables) to support a combination of legacy 2.0 and new 3.0 devices.

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HDMI Cables & Adapters

CHD-AP* – 4K Javelin Active Plenum HDMI extension cables utilising the latest in optoelectronic technology. The cable is a hybrid of fibre and copper that allows HDMI signals to be extended 330ft.

CHD-SF* – SnugFit latching HDMI cables designed for critical applications where a tight a reliable HDMI connection is required. Provides 18G bandwidth for perfect 4K60 video. Available in lengths from 1 to 50ft.

C-HDMI-L-* – Secure HDMI cables in place with Hall Technologies locking HDMI cables. The plug is compatible with any HDMI input with the option to secure the connectors to products with locking receptacles. Each plug features two folding tables for flexible mounting options from the top or bottom.

DisplayPort Cables & Adapters

GC-DP-HD – DisplayPort to HDMI Active adapter cable for converting from a DisplayPort connector to a HDMI format for display on a HDMI LCD. Supports resolutions up to 4K x 2K @ 30Hz and 1080P @ 120Hz. No external power supply is required, along with no drivers and is completely plug-and-play. GC-HD-DP offers the same features, but it’s a HDMI to DisplayPort adapter.

GC-DP-DVI-P – DisplayPort to DVI adapter cable designed to convert the signal from a DisplayPort output source to DVI format for display on an LCD. A built-in latch locks the DisplayPort connector in place for a secure fit, plus the ultraflex jacket design allows for easy routing and superior cable protection. No external power supply is required and it’s completely plug-and-play.

Hall - GC-DP-HD


VGA / Component Cables & Adapters

GC-VGA-HDU – The VGA to HDMI adapter allows you to convert analog VGA output from most PCs and laptops to your HDTV. Hall Technologies adapter features a built-in USB cable, so you only need one connection to connect both video and audio signals from your computer to your TV.

CHD15-RGB-* – Allows Y, Pb, Pr or R, G, B Component video connection through HD16 VGA connector. Use this cable to split, switch or send component video (such as for HDVT) signal using any of Halls VGA splitters, Matrix Switches, Mini-CAT, and Video/Audio over CAT5 splitters. Available in 3 or 6ft lengths.