Why was the EMCEE200 Created?

The EMCEE200 was built for corporate meeting rooms and educational spaces. For corporate conferencing applications, the EMCEE200 is ideal for both video conferencing and multi-user collaboration applications.

In education spaces, the EMCEE200 is ideal for use in remote learning environments, lecture applications and for live streaming.

The presentation switcher also allows for remote collaboration with displays and peripheral devices, when combined with its expansion cards. Additionally, the EMCEE200 provides essential audio features like audio mixing, audio embedding, audio de-embedding and can be used as an in-room amplifier when combined with the 20-watt expansion card.

Lastly, the device incorporates many popular collaboration features, while delivering excellent performance and value for 4K presentation and video conferencing applications.


Where is the EMCEE200 used?

Video conferencing – The EMCEE200 works seamlessly with all soft-codec conferencing solutions in the market today, including Teams, Zoom, GoToMeeting and more. Additionally, the EMCEE200 provides USB 3.0 4K capture to stream live back into the video conference feed.

Collaboration – EMCEE200 is ideal for collaboration solution by combining four 4K inputs, dual-mic mixing, audio embedding and de-embedding plus remote interaction with a display and peripherals through the optional HDBaseT expansion card and receiver.

Lecture and Remote Learning – Via a USB input, you can record a presentation to an external storage device. The device is capable of simultaneously processing up to four vide sources with virtually seamless switching. Dedicated confidence monitor and presentation HDMI outputs, allows you to display your PC presentation and manage the stream.

Live Streaming – EMCEE200 provides USB 3.0 4K capture to stream live to any desired streaming application such as YouTube, Facebook, OBS and more.

Advantages of using the EMCE200?

  1. 4K Soft Codec Support – EMCEE200 features a built-in USB 3.0 super speed port and can capture content up to 4K2K@30 4:4:4. This, alongside its compatibility with Windows, MAC and Linux OS, means it can stream high-quality content to conferencing apps such as Teams, Zoom, Skype and more.
  2. Virtually Seamless Switching – There is minimal latency between source switches with the EMCE200. Due to this, the end user does not experience delays on screen when there’s source switching.
  3. Custom Multiview Matrixed Video Layouts – Customise the visual hierarchy of content based on the contents size and position on screen. This gives the end users the ability to customise their onscreen content layouts in various dual-screen matrixed multiview formats.
  4. Record to External Storage Device – Presenters can record the presentation to an external storage device directly from the EMCE200 via USB.
  5. Dual MIC Mixer – The mixer within EMCEE200 will work to lower or elevate mic signal as needed, based on the activity level of the associated microphones. So regardless of who’s speaking, the audio will always be clear and level balanced.
  6. Available Expansion Cards – Extend audio, video and control signals up to 100 metres over HDBaseT. Plus, a built-in amplifier allows for seamless control of the rooms audio.