Hall Technologies - SC-HD-2B - Scalers and Processors

Single Input Scalers & Processors

SC-HD-2B – 4K / 60Hz HDMI scaler with audio embed / extract and image flip capability. It accepts virtually all PC and HDTV resolutions and both stereo analog and optical digital audio inputs and outputs are available, as well as audio from the HDMI input signal.

SC-VHD-HD – Convert and scale either Component (YPbPr) or PC analog video with audio into a HDMI or DVI compatible signal. Both line level analog and optical digital audio outputs are provided, but it can embed audio from the HDMI line.

VHD-HD2CV – A compact HDMI to composite video and audio converter. Accepts HDMI or DVI video input up to 1080P. If the input HDMI signal has embedded audio, it is extracted and output as line level stereo L/R on RCA connectors.

Multi Input Scalers & Processors

SSW-HD-4 – A 4-input HDMI seamless video switch with multi-view capabilities where all inputs can be simultaneously shown in real-time, in a variety of window configurations. When only one input is shown, switching between different inputs is completely seamless with zero transition delay.

SC-1080H – A multiple format switching video scaler that has 5 different types of video inputs – HDMI/DVI, PC/VGA, YPbPr, S-Video and Composite Video. Accepts various input formats and resolutions and scales to a specific output format and resolution.

SC-3H – Multi-format switcher with 2 HDMI and 1 VGA inputs. Provides a HDMI video output together with stereo analog audio. HDMI inputs support virtually all PC and TV resolutions including 4K @ 30 and 4K @ 60.

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