A sophisticated and versatile TV lift system that effectively hides both the mechanism and the television screen within the false ceiling when not in use, can disappear into the ceiling, pivot and drop down vertically.

Hidden TV systems enable you to create harmonious surroundings in which furniture can be chosen with greater freedom, reducing design limits.

The retractable ceiling TV mechanism has the capability to open up to a 90º angle and descend vertically through full motorisation. Additionally, it offers a complete 360º rotation.

FLIP 100

The Maior Flip 100 TV motorised ceiling-mounted bracket is created to hide the television using a ceiling-flush panel. When in a closed position, it effectively conceals both the TV screen and the operational components.

The unique characteristic of this hidden motorised TV system is its extensive range of motion, reaching up to 100 degrees. Setting up this covert motorised system involves completely concealing the screen within your false ceiling, resulting in a sleek and elegant space.

FLIP 900

The optimal choice for setting up a motorised ceiling TV mount is the Maior Flip 900, featuring a versatile motorised system that allows the screen to be lowered flush with the ceiling, all without the need for a concealed panel system.

When the electrically operated flip-down TV bracket is closed, it not only creates more room but also maintains visibility of the TV screen on the ceiling.

Utilizing this adaptable TV bracket mounted on the ceiling, you can manage the screen using either a remote control or wall switches. This operation shifts the screen from its flush ceiling position to an unfolded state, offering a maximum 90-degree angle adjustment and a full 360-degree rotation. This enables you to locate the most convenient and enjoyable viewing angle.


The Maior Flip 90 electric ceiling TV mount offers a practical solution for individuals seeking to effortlessly install a ceiling-mounted TV, even in confined spaces.

Using this motorized TV bracket, the television can retract within the same enclosure as the mechanism. Consequently, it becomes feasible to set up the motorised ceiling-mounted TV bracket within a variety of settings, surmounting structural constraints and accommodating both residential and commercial spaces.

This embedded TV system can be established in diverse environments, and you can manage the suspended TV’s flip-out opening of up to 85 degrees using either the remote control or a wall switch.