MIPRO - ACT-8 Series - Digital Radio Microphones

Digital UHF Radio Microphones

As a true innovator in wireless technology, MIPRO introduced their first digital radio microphone system back in 2006, many years before their European and American competitors.

The current ACT-800 series microphones keep MIPRO ahead of the pack with 256-bit encryption, SmartEQ capsule equalisation and feedback suppression, digital diversity, remote software control and of course fantastic audio quality from MIPRO’s own capsules coupled with electronics boasting 115 dBA dynamic range.

The 72 MHz operating bandwidth ensures optimal flexibility, allowing more interference-free, compatible channels to select from. In addition to transmitters using standard AA alkaline batteries, the ACT-800H & ACT-800T rechargeable transmitters feature a USB-C rechargeable lithium-ion battery solution.

Digital IEM In Ear Monitors

Industry’s First Digital Wireless IEM Systems – MIPRO MI-909 and MIPRO MI-58. Ideal for stage in-ear monitoring and conference language interpretation.

MIPRO - ACT-2400 - License Free Radio Microphones

License Free Digital Radio Microphones

The sell-off of parts of the UHF spectrum as part of the ‘digital dividend’ has squeezed the traditional license free band for wireless mics. To combat this, MIPRO has launched a number of product ranges operating in the 2.4MHz and 5.8MHz ISM bands.

MIPRO developed its own know-how to overcome the congestion and complexity in this band, such as the most stable digital FSK modulation circuit and adaptive tracking algorithm, which effectively avoids interference from other communication products like WiFi and Bluetooth. With dual tuner true diversity receiving, the receiving distance is up to 100 meters (330 ft.) with no signal drop-out.

Single, dual and quad channel receivers are available to pair up with the rechargeable handheld, belt pack and plug-on transmitters.

MIPRO - ACT-3 - Analogue Radio Microphones

Analogue Radio Microphones

MIPRO produce analogue UHF wireless systems at a number of price and performance levels, suitable for all applications from small educational and worship venues up to large scale touring productions.

All systems feature MIPRO’s patented ACT “Automatic Channel Targeting” technology for synchronising the frequency selected for your receiver, to your handheld and bodypack transmitters at the touch of a button. All handheld transmitters are equipped as standard with high end condenser elements for outstanding audio quality and low handling noise.

Of course, all systems benefit from rock-solid wireless connectivity that has been tried, tested and been developed for decades using technologies such as PLL synthesised tuning, PilotTone and NoiseLock.

MIPRO - MA-808

Portable PA

For over 20 years, MIPRO has set the benchmark for portable PA systems.

The award-winning range of battery powered loudspeakers encompasses systems both small and large. From school classrooms, tour guides and places of worship, all the way up to aerobic and fitness centres, parades and fetes, weddings and political rallies.

The MIPRO systems can be specified to incorporate the latest wireless microphone technology, audio players and Bluetooth receivers.

MIPROs latest and greatest portable PA system, the MA-II, is the industry’s first to apply MTM and line-array two-way loudspeaker systems to expand the sound field, enhance the sound pressure level and reproduce a natural sound.

MIPRO - AT-90W - Antenna Systems

Antenna Systems

MIPRO produce a range of antennas and accessories that help you achieve reliable transmission and reception for your wireless microphone and IEM systems regardless of the brand.

As well as numerous types of antennas, the MIPRO range includes dividers, combiners, boosters, and amplifiers.

Its UHF antennas are amongst MIPROs most popular. They provide omnidirectional, directional and circularly polarised transmissions and featuring a “TX/RX” and “RX only” connector.