ACT-3 Series

The ACT-3 Series is a culmination of years of RF technology and research and development being distilled down from the higher-level systems.

Four models are available: the ACT-314 is a 1U quad-channel receiver, the ACT-300B is a 1U dual-channel receiver, the ACT-314 is a 1U quad-channel receiver, and the ACT-311B is a 1/2U single-channel receiver.

The diversity receiving circuit offers stable and optimal performance while still having a high number of interference-free compatible channels.

ACT-3 Series receivers are compatible with ACT-32H handheld and ACT-32T body pack, which can be operated using standard AA batteries. While that ACT-32HC handheld, ACT-32TC body pack and ACT-22T miniature transmitters are powered using a single rechargeable lithium battery.

MIPRO - ACT-3 - Analogue Radio Microphones

MIPRO - ACT-7 - Analogue Radio Microphones

ACT-7 Series

ACT 7 Series is developed to meets the changes in European and American telecom regulations and approvals. Both receivers and transmitters are expanded to 74 MHz, featuring latest wireless features and functions such as excellent multi-channel systems compatibility and RF stability.

ACT-7 Series feature the cutting-edge technology and design, and the RF stability is highly appreciated by audio experts. The transmitter is equipped with MIPRO’s latest ECM capsule modules that deliver an exceptionally clear, accurate sonic image to the listener. They are ideal for broadcast, live sound production, conference and similar large venue applications.

In 2017, the ACT-74 quad-channel and ACT-72 dual-channel receivers were made available with an optional Dante networking interface.