In-Ceiling Speakers


The SC-IC-3 High-Performance 3.5” In-Ceiling Speaker presents a compelling blend of compact design and powerful audio capabilities. Incorporating cutting-edge technology and premium materials, this speaker features a high-excursion carbon fiber woofer, a substantial aluminum tweeter, and a custom crossover design. With both round and square grille options and compatibility with flush mount kits, the SC-IC-3 caters to the preferences of discerning designers, offering a seamless balance between premium performance and aesthetic appeal. Its specifications include a 3.5-inch woofer, a 1-inch tweeter, power handling of 70W, and a frequency response ranging from 70Hz to 20kHz.


The SC-IC-SUB8, a high-performance small aperture in-ceiling subwoofer, excels in delivering exceptional deep bass performance while seamlessly blending into modern home aesthetics. Designed to discreetly conceal the woofer cabinet between ceiling joists, this subwoofer channels low-frequency sound through a small 4.75” opening in the ceiling, ensuring a finished appearance. Key features include a custom 8.27” polypropylene woofer, dual 1 ½” voice coils, a precisely tuned port tube, and a vinyl-wrapped MDF cabinet mounted to a single joist. With specifications such as an 8.27-inch woofer, power handling of 50-100W, a weight of 32 lbs, and dimensions of 25.188 x 12 x 7.125 inches for the cabinet, the SC-IC-SUB8 provides a perfect blend of powerful audio and discreet design for modern homes.

SC-AIM285-Mk3 & SC-AIM275-Mk3

The AIM285-Mk3 and AIM275-Mk3 loudspeakers are engineered to deliver exceptional audio performance with precision and versatility. The AIM285-Mk3 boasts an 8-inch Kevlar cone woofer with a 15-degree pivot, complemented by a tweeter array that pivots at 15 degrees and rotates at 359 degrees, featuring two 3/4-inch and two 5/8-inch aluminum/magnesium dome tweeters. Its optimized crossover design enhances audio quality. Similarly, the AIM275-Mk3 features a 7-inch Kevlar cone woofer with a 15-degree pivot, paired with an ARC tweeter array that pivots at 15 degrees and rotates at 359 degrees, consisting of four 5/8-inch aluminum/magnesium dome tweeters. This model also benefits from an updated crossover design, ensuring superior audio performance.

The AIM285-Mk3 and AIM275-Mk3 are equipped with specifications such as power handling capacities of 175W and 150W, respectively, and frequency responses spanning from 33Hz to 20kHz and 35Hz to 20kHz, respectively. These speakers exemplify a meticulous balance of engineering excellence and audio innovation.

SC-AIM282-Mk3, SC-AIM272-Mk3 & SC-AIM252-Mk3

The AIM282-Mk3 and AIM272-Mk3 speakers are meticulously crafted to meet the demands of contemporary installations, providing outstanding sonic performance for distributed audio and advanced object-based surround audio platforms such as Dolby Atmos, Auro-3D, and DTS:X. The AIM252-Mk3 speaker, with a 15-degree pivoting 5 1/4-inch glass fiber cone woofer, and a 15-degree pivoting, 359-degree rotational ARC tweeter array featuring three 5/8-inch aluminum/magnesium dome tweeters, is tailored for optimal audio quality in modern audio configurations.

The AIM282-Mk3 boasts an 8-inch glass fiber woofer and a tweeter array with four 0.75-inch silk dome tweeters, handling 150W with a frequency response of 37Hz–20kHz. Similarly, the AIM272-Mk3 features a 7-inch glass fiber woofer, a tweeter array with four 0.625-inch silk dome tweeters, handling 125W, and a frequency response of 40Hz–20kHz. The AIM252-Mk3, with a 5.25-inch glass fiber woofer, three 0.625-inch silk dome tweeters, handles 100W, and has a frequency response of 42Hz–20kHz. These speakers exemplify a harmonious balance of cutting-edge design and superior audio performance.

Profile AIM8

The AIM Series in-ceiling speakers provide tailored audio experiences with advanced features, including a pivoting 1-inch liquid-cooled magnesium/aluminum dome tweeter and a pivoting/rotating 8-inch Kevlar™ cone woofer. Adjustable frequency switches enable precise bass and treble control. With a state-of-the-art crossover, efficient power handling (5-100W), and selectable impedance (8/6/4 ohms), they deliver a frequency response of 33Hz–20kHz (±2 dB). Pioneering an aimable woofer/tweeter module for flexible sound direction, these speakers offer both functionality and aesthetics, with profile grilles available for AIM8, AIM7, and AIM5 models. Similarly, the AIM Series in-ceiling speakers offer a customizable audio experience with a 1-inch liquid-cooled aluminum dome tweeter and an 8-inch aluminum cone woofer. Featuring pivot and rotate capabilities, adjustable frequency switches allow precise bass and treble adjustments.

With an efficiency of 89 dB @ 1W/1m and a power handling capacity of 5 to 100 watts, they accommodate various setups, offering selectable impedance (8, 6, or 4 ohms). The narrow deviation of ±2 dB in the frequency response range (37-20,000 Hz) ensures accurate sound reproduction. Breaking free from room design constraints, the AIM Series features an innovative aimable woofer/tweeter module, with profile grilles available for AIM8, AIM7, and AIM5 models to enhance aesthetic appeal.

Profile AIM7 Three

Featuring a pivoting and rotating 7-inch resin-reinforced fiberglass cone woofer and a pivoting 1-inch silk dome tweeter, these AIM Series in-ceiling speakers are Timbre-Matched to all Two Series. With a front-mounted treble equalization switch, the speakers offer customizable audio. Their efficiency is 90dB 1W/1m, and the frequency response is 40Hz to 20kHz ±3dB. The AIM Series, pioneers of the aimable woofer/tweeter module, break free from room design constraints. Mount them wherever convenient and direct sound as desired. Profile grilles are available for AIM8, AIM7, and AIM5 models, enhancing aesthetics. The speakers, with a 7-inch woofer, 1-inch tweeter, and 125W power handling, deliver dynamic and tailored audio with a frequency response of 40Hz to 20kHz.

Profile AIM5

When considering ceiling speakers, the physical size is a crucial factor, even with ceiling mounts. The AIM5 series addresses this concern by delivering substantial performance within the dimensions of a standard recessed can light. Featuring 5” woofers and independently pivoting tweeters, these speakers generate an impressive and dynamic sound from a compact package. The patented AIM technology allows the entire baffle to be directed toward the listener, creating a more realistic sound field compared to traditional ceiling speakers. Whether used alone or paired with a subwoofer, the AIM5 series offers remarkable audio quality and fidelity. The AIM Series in-ceiling speakers were trailblazers, introducing an aimable woofer/tweeter module that provides the flexibility to direct sound in any chosen direction, breaking free from room design constraints. This innovation is available with profile grilles for AIM8, AIM7, and AIM5 models.

Profile CRS8

The CRS8 Series speakers excel in delivering extraordinary sound through the utilization of top-quality components, meticulous engineering, and exclusive technologies like the WavePlane tweeter baffle, enhancing the overall audio experience with a more expansive and robust sound profile. Profile grilles, available as an option on the CRS8 and CRS6 models, extend to even the CRS3, the smallest and most inconspicuous in-ceiling speaker in our lineup. Boasting an 8-inch woofer, a 1-inch tweeter, a power handling capacity of 100-125 W, and a frequency response ranging from 38Hz to 20kHz, these speakers represent a pinnacle of audio quality and design across the CRS Series lineup.

Profile CRS6

The CRS6 Series speakers are designed to provide exceptional audio quality through the incorporation of premium components, meticulous engineering, and exclusive technologies, including the WavePlane tweeter baffle that enhances the overall sound experience with a more expansive and powerful output. The option for profile grilles extends to the CRS8 and CRS6 models, as well as the CRS3, which stands out as our most compact and discreet in-ceiling speaker. Featuring a 6.5-inch woofer, a 1-inch tweeter, power handling capacities of 100-120 W, and a frequency response spanning from 40Hz to 20kHz, these speakers exemplify excellence in both sound performance and design within the CRS Series lineup.

In-Wall Speakers

Profile AIM Cinema One

Nice Audio’s commitment to innovation and outstanding performance is exemplified in the Profile AIM Cinema Series, the largest in-wall speakers in their lineup. These speakers, towering at 30 inches, seamlessly blend into any wall while delivering an immersive theater sound experience to every installation. Timber-matched to the FIVE, THREE, and ONE series, these speakers feature a Profile AIM LCR on a pivoting sub-baffle for mid-bass, midrange, and high frequencies. Below the sub-baffle, two high-performance 6-inch woofers on a separate stationary sub-baffle extend the low frequencies and enhance overall output. Equipped with a Bass EQ Switch, Bi-Amping Feature, and timbre-matching to the One Series, these speakers boast a sensitivity of 89dB 1W/1m, power handling of 125 Watts, and an 8 Ohm compatible impedance. The flangeless appearance, pivoting 1-inch silk tweeter, and dual 5.25-inch and dual 6-inch graphite and Kevlar® impregnated paper woofers contribute to the exceptional home theater experience. Now available in the Profile’s flawless flangeless design, this award-winning system maintains its reference audio performance within the AIM Series standard.


Crafted for seamless integration with the rack-mounted subwoofer amplifier, the Nice Audio 520W In-Wall subwoofer is a sophisticated statement exclusively designed for In-Wall applications. Encased in an ultra-thin cabinet, it minimizes mechanical vibration, ensuring a powerful yet undisturbed audio experience for movies, music, and games. Purpose-built components, including the amplifier and remote control, work harmoniously for optimal performance.

The In-Wall Subwoofer features Custom Digital Audio Adjustment, allowing users to personalize bass preferences. With proprietary features like StillBass for mechanical noise elimination and Frequency Filtration Design (FFD) in the matching amplifier, the HRSi Series In-Wall Subwoofer upholds a legacy of audio science and technology. The SC-HRSIW8-CAB model, featuring StillBass for mechanical vibration elimination, offers an ideal solution with an 8-inch woofer, 150-600W power handling, and slim dimensions of 24.61 x 12.05 x 3.74 inches.

Profile AIM LCR5

The Nice Audio Profile AIM LCR Series excels with superior performance, offering enhanced clarity and a robust bass ideal for flat panel video monitors. The LCR5 One model features two 5 ¼” graphite woofers and a pivoting 1” silk dome tweeter. All models share a sleek flangeless appearance and are timbre-matched to Nice Audio’s FIVE, THREE, and ONE material grades, ensuring seamless integration with other home speakers. With unique specifications such as sensitivity ranging from 89dB to 91dB 1W/1m, power handling capacities of 80 Watts to 100 Watts, adjustable impedance of 8/6 Ohm, and frequency responses from 48Hz to 20kHz, 50Hz to 20kHz, and 55Hz to 20kHz, respectively, these speakers offer a versatile and customized audio solution for various spaces.

Profile AIM LCR3 One

The Nice Audio Profile AIM LCR Series excels in delivering superior response across the frequency spectrum, enhanced clarity, and richer, well-defined bass—making it an ideal choice for flat panel video monitors. Specifically designed for smaller spaces, the LCR3s feature 3” woofers and a ¾” tweeter, both mounted in a pivoting baffle for precise aim-ability. All models in this series share a sleek flangeless appearance and are timbre-matched to Nice Audio’s ONE material grades for consistent integration with other speakers in the home. The Profile AIM LCR3 One, with a flangeless appearance, pivoting baffle, two 3” graphite woofers, a pivoting 3/4” silk tweeter, and timbre-matching to all ONE Series, offers a sensitivity of 85dB 1W/1m, power handling of 60 Watts, an impedance of 8 Ohm, and a frequency response from 80Hz to 20kHz, ensuring a versatile and visually appealing audio solution for diverse spaces.

Profile AIM7 MT Three

The ASM57703/Profile AIM7 MT Three, an aim-able speaker, now comes in the award-winning Profile flawless flangeless design, offering the same high-level reference audio performance synonymous with the AIM Series. Boasting a 7-inch woofer and a 1-inch tweeter, this speaker handles up to 125 Watts of power and delivers a frequency response ranging from 40Hz to 20kHz. This design evolution maintains the excellence of the AIM Series while introducing the aesthetic and functional advantages of the Profile flawless flangeless design.



The Nice Audio’s high-performance, featuring dual 12” force-canceling active Kevlar drivers, each powered by a dedicated 1000W amplifier with onboard DSP for wireless setup and control via a mobile app. Delivering precise low frequencies down to 17Hz, it’s ideal for immersive music playback in listening rooms and cinematic content in home theaters. The 1” MDF Cabinet, finished in high-gloss lacquer, complements high-end A/V components and enhances aesthetic appeal. The Sub Station app simplifies setup, managing tuning controls and auto-EQ functionality for optimal performance in any room. With force-canceling dual drivers and a bi-amplified design, the XTEQi-12 stands as the pinnacle of sound technology. Weighing 102.5 lbs and measuring 19.2 x 18.1 x 17.7 inches, it delivers impressive audio output and an elegant visual presence.

SDSi Series

SDSi Subwoofers are a perfect blend of premium performance and unbeatable value. These versatile subwoofers, ranging from 8” to 15”, cater to various room sizes with a triple driver configuration for powerful bass. The sleek matte black finish adds elegance, and features like built-in 5V USB support wireless audio, offering flexible placement. Continuing the Sunfire® Subwoofer legacy, the SDSi Series ensures no compromise on sound quality, providing an immersive listening experience. With compatibility for different room sizes, a compact design, and optional wireless audio kits, these subwoofers stand out in a market where not all are created equal. Each size, be it 8″, 10″, 12″, or 15″, boasts a high back-EMF woofer design, oversized magnets, and impressive power handling for unprecedented performance.

HRSi Series

The HRSi Series builds upon the innovation of Sunfire® subwoofers, seamlessly blending elegance and performance within a compact, space-efficient, high-powered cabinet featuring a distinguished 5-layer piano black lacquer finish. Boasting an ultra-compact power-to-size ratio, a 1000W high-output Class D amplifier, and a fiberglass-reinforced woofer with high back EMF design, these subwoofers offer enhanced performance and control. The sleek design is complemented by a DSP with digital room correction, a built-in 5V USB for a wireless audio adapter, and the Sub Station app for easy setup and configuration. With options in 8″, 10″, and 12″ sizes, each subwoofer ensures best-in-class fidelity, providing flexibility in placement, luxury style, and auto-setup features for a maximum listening experience in any room environment.