Single Output Amplifiers

Class D hearing loop amplifiers that can cover distances of 250m2, 450m2 and 1000m2. The LD1.0, LD2.0 and LD3.0 make up the single output collection, each with 3 differential audio inputs: 2x line/microphone and 1x 100V.

Both the LD2.0 and LD3.0 can be used in a low diaphonic phased loop system, or an ultra-high coverage system, with a built-in 90-deg or 0-deg phase shift module. These solutions are typically used for the equipment of large or adjoining rooms (hairpin systems).

The amplifiers incorporate a fault synthesis that controls continuously the loop and the amplifier. The amplifier information is visible on the front panel and can be deported thanks to a simple or dry contact.

Opus Technologies - Single Channel Hearing Loop Amplifiers

Opus Technologies - Double Channel Hearing Loop Amplifiers

Dual Output Amplifiers

Opus Technologies next-generation low-loss magnetic loop amplifiers, incorporate two independent amplifiers out of phase. These amplifiers can equip adjoining rooms (amphitheatres, courtrooms etc.) with two magnetic loops installed hairpin.

This type of installation makes it possible to limit the external radiation of the magnetic field, to guarantee uniformity of coverage and to provide a power which makes it possible to limit the distortions due to the presence of metal.

The amplifiers output voltage, the largest available on the market for this type of amplifier, ensures outstanding sound quality without clipping or distortion. The variable frequency of switching class D amplifiers developed by Opus Technologies, allows unparalleled performance in the smallest case size on the market and an exceptional sound signal.


The eLoop is the latest generation of counter loop amplifiers from Opus Technologies. Thanks to its compact conception and its power, eLoop is perfectly suitable for being integrated into a variety of environments such as receptions, banks, information centres, airports and more.

This system guarantees clear communication for people equipped with hearing aids. e-Loop features a microphone capsule at its back, an amplifier, a loop, and a rechargeable lithium battery.

The eLoop+ kit is a complete installation composed of the eLoop unit, a handset, and a gooseneck microphone. OP-M80 ensures a better signal source and supplies accessibility solutions to people non-equipped with hearing aids.

Opus Technologies - eLoop - Hearing Loop Amplifiers

Opus Technologies - DCL20 - Hearing Loop Amplifiers

Induction Loop Kit

DCL20 is an induction loop kit, equipped for use at reception desks and counters. The system enables users to meet equal opportunity standards and to respect IEC-60118-4 standard requirements. The amplifier is designed to be discreetly fixed underneath a counter or desk and features two inputs.

The provided kit includes the induction loop amplifier, a microphone, a loop, and a power block. The DCL20 is available in 6 kit variations, each offering different benefits:

  • DCL20-SK Kit for Counters.
  • DCL20-E2 Kit for Counters with Headphones.
  • DCL20-K1 Kit for Counters with Gooseneck Mics.
  • DCL20-K2 Kit for Counters with Handset.
  • DCL20-TV Kit for TV Rooms.
  • DCL20-SA Kit for 50m2 Rooms.