Panconnect FLAT Connection Panels

Customisable Connection Panels

A unique feature to a handful of the Panconnect connection panels, is the ability to ‘build them yourself’.

Starting off with an empty chassis, the FLAT, MINI, NEO and UNI panels offer either 2, 4 or 6 slots for connection modules. Users can then decide which modules they require and customise their panel to fit their needs.

The modules users can choose from are as follows: Single LAN, Dual LAN, DisplayPort, HDMI, HDMI+LAN, HDMI+VGA, HDMI+VGA+Audio, miniXLR, USB 3.0, USB 3.0+LAN, VGA+Audio and blank.

Each of these panels are available in Plus models. These allow you to integrate a control system keypad to your panel, giving you full control over the meeting room.

Pre-Configured Lite Panels

Both the FLAT and MINI connection panels are available in pre-configured, Lite versions – FLAT LT and MINI LT.

Whereas the FLAT and MINI have a ‘build your own’ chassis, the Lite models have fixed inputs for spaces with minimal connections.

Designed as a basic solution for small tables, school desks or hotel rooms, both the FLAT LT and MINI LT include common connections such as sockets, charging USB and LAN and do away with unnecessary special connections.

Both models are available in white, silver, or black coatings.

Charging Panels

Offices, hotel rooms, restaurants, your favourite cafe – SPOOK charging panels are ready to power your electronics almost everywhere.

Small dimensions, new colour options and nanomaterial FENIX for even more durability, are the main design features of the SPOOK panel. It provides multiple charging sources including USB-C PD 60W and wireless Qi charging.

FLOPPY is the smallest all-in-one solution available with a cable system for small work desks and conference rooms. FLOPPY is an essential solution for offices spaces, and thanks to its dimensions, you won’t even notice its presence.

An array of power socket standards are available, along with two 96cm connection cables and a USB-C and USB Type-A input.

Cable Management System

A unique feature to the UNI and FLOPPY connection panels are its cable management systems.

With two systems available, the UNI panel can utilise either the Retraction System, featuring up to 4 cables of your choice at 120 or 150cm in length, or the Pull-Out cable system which can feature either 2, 4 or 6 cables at 96cm in length. The FLOPPY  on the other hand is only available with the Pull-Out cable system.

The cable systems are perfect for office/school desks, small meeting spaces and hospitality spaces which need special and flexible cable connection. The cables you are able to choose from include VGA, HDMI, USB, audio, and LAN.