Have the possibility of charging your laptop or mobile phone when and wherever you need, be it in an office, a hotel room, or a café. Spook is the smartest connection charging panel available, offering an integrated power socket that you can choose according to required international standards, USB Type-A and C charging ports and wireless Qi charging.

Spook is available in a variety of colours, opening it up to a wider variation of installations and environments. The colours include Matt White, Matt Grey, Matt Luxury Beige, Matt Dark Beige, Matt Blue and Matt Black.

Panconnect - Spook - Charging Panels

Panconnect - Floppy - Charging Panels


Designed for small meeting rooms and office desks, Floppy is a small all-in-one connection solution providing both charging and connection modules. A power socket and USB type-A and C ports can provide sufficient charging and power at a traditional desk setup, whilst the pull-out cable system can be customised to suit your unique needs.

Two 96cm connection cables can be added to your Floppy panel and users can choose between: VGA, HDMI, audio, USB, and LAN.

Floppy has been designed for surface mounting and can easily be installed in a 100mm diameter hole, allowing for room to install the pull-out cable system.