The FLAT IT connection panels offers as a perfect solution for your everyday working table or school desk. Thanks to cable pass-through on the FLAT LT, you can easily manage and hide cables for your display, laptop etc. in a tray under the table.

The FLAT LT chassis provides 2, 4 or 6 slots, which are pre-configured with 1 or 2 sockets, 2 USB ports and optional LAN CAT6 and cable pass-through. There are 3 variants in pass-through size or alternatively, you can have it without.

Panconnect offer the FLAT LT with rounded corners only and can be installed either flush to the table or on top of the surface too.

Panconnect - FLAT LT - Pre-configured Connection Panels

Panconnect - Mini LT - Pre-configured Connection Panels


A smaller, more compact version of MINI, the LT is a simple connection box for people look for a basic solution. The simple plug-and-play panel is essential for an agile office environment, as it can sit and be moved around your desk, or alternatively be installed on the side of one.

Two variants of the MINI LT are available, both featuring 2 LAN CAT6 and 2 charging USB connections, however; one has 1 socket and the other has 2. The basic connections of the MINI LT make it a perfect solution for a school or office desk where complex connections aren’t required, and charging/LAN ports are a necessity.