Powersoft - Duecanali - Installation Amplifiers


Designed specifically for installed applications, Powersoft manufacture three key ranges that cater to the needs of integrators, and only vary depending on the power density required.

Ottocanali, as the name suggests “eight channel”, is the highest density, from 150W per channel up to 1500W per channel into 4 Ohms.

Quattrocanali, or “four channel”, offers the traditionally amazing sound quality and reliability of other Powersoft products, coupled with the patented SRM technology. Output powers range from 300W to 1200W per channel.

Duecanali, or “two channel”, is designed to work with lo-Z (from 2 Ohm) and with 70V/100V distributed lines, with output powers ranging from 800W to 2600W per channel.

Powersoft - T Series - Live and Touring Amplifiers

Live and Touring

Designed specifically for touring and portable applications, Powersoft manufacture two ranges designed specifically to cater for the needs of touring and portable applications.

The top of the range, most complete and advanced platform is the X Series, which raises power amplification to a new standard and implements a completely new system of channel routing, a new worldwide compatible three phase power supply and a revolutionary full featured DSP.

The T Series is Powersoft’s newest addition to the range, designed to deliver cost-effective, high-quality performance loudspeaker processing and is available in both 4 and 2-channel models. In addition to analog, the T Series includes AES3 and Dante inputs, which are optimised for daisy-chained distribution.

Powersoft - Dynamic Music Distribution

Dynamic Music Distribution

Dynamic Music Distribution provides high-quality music distribution in multi-zone / source applications.

Powersoft offers System Integrators the ability to scale inputs and zones conveniently and efficiently, with dynamic routing capabilities embedded in its amplifier platforms.

This makes is simpler to share music between different zones independently from the source location, and to carry control signals in an automated fashion, and without the need of a centralised DSP.

Multiple UI options allow easy control of the entirety of the system in dynamic music distribution applications.

Remote Monitoring

MyUniverso, part of the Powersoft Cloud, enables remote system monitoring and updates for Powersoft amplifiers without onsite visits. Verso, a compact device, acts as the link between Powersoft amplifiers and MyUniverso, providing secure data storage, centralized firmware updates, and Easy Swap functionality for worry-free maintenance. It ensures reliability and unlocks the full potential of MyUniverso.

Powersoft - WM Touch

WM Touch

Control of sources, zones, and scenes is made easy and straightforward using a dedicated user interface. The WM Touch is a PoE fed wall-mounted touch screen, that allows giving control of the entirety of the dynamic music distribution system from a single 4.3″ screen panel.

It is an elegant, effective, and intuitive control tool, which uses standard ethernet to connect to the amplifiers and can be part of any normal network via RJ45 cable.

Thanks to the PoE powering and the simplicity of installation in any single gang back box, the WM Touch installation process is very straightforward and simple. It can be mounted both in vertical and horizontal orientation and is available in a black and white version.

Powersoft - DEVA


DEVA is the very definition of revolutionary, opening possibilities, and allowing installations that were previously inconceivable or not commercially viable.

This impressive array of technology is fit elegantly into DEVA’s egg-shaped, 300mm x 300mm x 450mm weather-proof enclosure. A weatherproof, solar powered, bi-directional wireless A/V communication unit that also features lighting, DEVA is powered by an ultra-efficient Class D amplifier that is IP65 rated – designed to be installed anywhere.

Infotainent, Entertainment, of Safety – with DEVA the possibilities are endless.