Many Functions. One Single Device.

Nowadays, even the simplest music distribution system relies on multiple devices to route sources, and to access its functions. This traditionally called for several single-purpose functionality and features to be added to the audio chain, which can lead to costly, overly complex, and inefficient systems.

Powersofts solution is to integrate all those functionality and features in one single device that includes a routing matrix, a network switch, and digital sound processing. This allows for lighter, more efficient systems that are easy to deploy and run.


Dynamic Routing Capability

With Dynamic Routing, any digital or analog source that is connected to an amplifier is automatically recognised as mono, stereo, or multichannel, and shared between the different zones.

This is made possible through a dedicated object-based approach which makes audio sources, including analog inputs, available to every amplifier in the network, making setting up complex routing and zoning options a breeze. The onboard DSP will handle all signal processing and source-to-zone routing, while limiters protect the loudspeakers.

  • Reduced installation time – Reduced cable runs.
  • Less equipment – No matrices, no control processors.
  • Simple setup – Less time to learn and configure the system.

Comfortable Listening Experience in Multizone / Source Music Distribution

The multizone music distribution system can be deployed in small to medium-sized installations that do not require paging integration, using a combination of UIs and install amplifiers, like Mezzo.

With the acoustic signature playing such a major role in social spaces, store, cafes, gyms, and restaurants, this system grants the control and acoustic performances required to set the tone.

WM Touch

As an elegant, effective, and intuitive multi-zone control tool, the new Powersoft WM Touch allows control of the entirety of the Dynamic Music Distribution system from a single panel.

Control of sources, zones and scenes is made easy and straightforward using a dedicated user interface. The WM Touch is a PoE fed wall-mounted touch screen, that controls the entire Dynamic Music Distribution system through a single 4.3″ screen panel.

The WM Touch offers a variety of user interface layouts. The pre-load layouts are specifically designed for dynamic music distribution applications. This ensures intuitive interaction and grants a low learning curve, which provides a straightforward user experience and makes it easy to set up.



The install-dedicated skin of ArmoniaPlus, offers straightforward setup and control of the system through an object-driven signal flow, which makes it simple to create zones, configure routing options, and manage scenes.

It is also possible to create custom user interfaces or to select pre-defined ones to be used in conjunction with the SYS Control App, which enables control from any smartphone or compatible device. Furthermore, ArmoniaPlus will provide full access to the powerful DSP onboard of Powersoft’s amplifiers.


For more information about Powersoft’s Dynamic Music Distribution solution, drop us an email at or call 0141 440 5333.