Pragma - Arvigo

ARVIGO Control Panels

Both the ARVIGOmoto and ARVIGOnano control panels are super easy to operate and are compatible with an array of DSP manufacturers.

Both control panels feature eight 60mm motorised faders for simple volume control, that can be set to your preferences within the Pragma software. 4 or 5 (5 on the moto and 4 on the nano) bi-directional functionality buttons are present on the controllers for switching between sets of controls.

The panels are powered via Power-over-Ethernet and only required one ethernet cable for connection to the software and DSP’s.

ARVIGOmoto – IBEX, Biamp, Bose, BSS, Pharos, QSC, Shure and Symetrix.

ARVIGOnano – Biamp, Bose, BSS, QSC, Symetrix and Xilica.

Remote control for Q-SYS, Symetrix, Biamp

SOMEO Wall Panels

The SOMEO volume / source selector panels are single-gang wall controllers, that integrate seamlessly with a whole host of popular DSP brands.

Each of the SOMEO panels are extremely easy to operate with one rotatable encoders for source selection / volume control, in addition to a small white OLED display. Up to 8 sources can be set per panel, allowing for comprehensive control from a simple controller.

The panels are powered via Power-over-Ethernet and only one ethernet cable is needed for connection to the Pragma software and rooms DSP(s).

SOMEO – MARMOT, Biamp, Bose, QSC and Symetrix.